How To Stay Anonymous When Purchasing A VPN?


A user is interested in buying a VPN service to stay anonymous from the internet, service providers, government tracking, etc. The process of buying a VPN anonymously can be a little hectic but crucial at the same time. This is why we have compiled this information to act as a guide for you to buy VPN anonymously.

A VPN or decentralized VPN service offers full anonymity by not storing any logs. Visit this Page to explore Mysterium VPN’s amazing features.

Why Do You Need To Stay Anonymous When Buying A VPN?

An important question to ask is why is there a need to buy VPN services anonymously. Different people may have different answers to these questions but the basic need is to stay fully anonymous. VPN services are prohibited in many countries so it is better if you want to buy it through a VPN bitcoin payment. 

When you buy a VPN service your information like IP address, your name, and payment details might get saved. Therefore, buying a VPN service anonymously can be important and beneficial to you if you are concerned about full anonymity.

Is It Necessary To Buy A VPN Anonymously?

It’s not extremely important to buy a VPN anonymously but it is still recommended. Staying hidden is the prime reason to buy a VPN service and you might want to buy it anonymously. There are always reports of companies’ information getting leaked.

How To Stay Anonymous When Purchasing A VPN?

The best way to stay anonymous when purchasing a VPN is through a VPN bitcoin payment service. Many VPN service providers offer the option of buying their VPN services through cryptocurrency. First, you need to buy bitcoin and store them in a wallet. Using a secure wallet is important. You can buy bitcoin online or use mycelium, local traders, to buy it in cash. Bitcoin payments are widely acceptable and popular. To buy a VPN service anonymously, you would want a payment that cannot be tracked. Before making the payment, hide your IP address by using a free VPN service or Tor Browser.

After that, use a free VPN service or TOR browser to visit the VPN service you want to buy. Use the VPN bitcoin payment method to stay anonymous. Voila, you have purchased a VPN service anonymously.

Another great way to stay anonymous is using gift cards for payment. Some VPN service providers accept gift cards as a method of buying their services. It is easier to buy a gift card. Therefore, gift card payment is an easy way of buying a VPN service.

The following is the list of best VPN service providers that accept bitcoin payment

Mysterium Network

Mysterium VPN is an open Peer-to-Peer VPN marketplace. You can buy their services through a VPN Bitcoin transaction. In addition to this, you can also earn through this dVPN service. For these reasons, Mysterium Network is one of the highest secure affordable VPN services.

If you use a VPN Bitcoin transaction, you only have to pay for the amount of bandwidth you use. A Decentralized-VPN service cannot store centralized logs. Therefore, guaranteeing a no-logs policy.  


ExpressVPN is the best choice for secure and high-speed VPN Service. They are highly popular and their service is easy to use. They offer high-speed servers in over 90 countries. In addition to this, they have features like kill-switch, split tunneling, DNS leak protection, etc. The speed may vary because of the location but it is still one of the fastest VPN providers. ExpressVPN offers different payment packages depending on the duration and has a 30-day money-back guarantee offer.

Express VPN service is encrypted with the best level of encryption available and is a proven no logs provider service. You have the option of paying through bitcoin. One drawback of ExpressVPN is that they do not accept gift cards.


Cyberghost is another popular VPN service. They offer an easy-to-use app and are a good choice for a beginner as well as an advanced user. Whether you want to use Netflix or want to use it for torrenting needs, CyberGhost is a perfect fit. They have military-grade encryption along with features like kill-switch, split tunneling, etc. They also offer a free trial and a 45-day money-back guarantee.


NordVPN is a common name if you use VPN services. It is also one of the most secure VPN services on the internet. Here, you can enjoy premium features like a no-logs policy, high speed, kill-switch, etc. It is one of the most reliable VPN services available on the internet.

NordVPN has around 5500+ VPN servers. They offer a discount of 15% to students. In addition to this, you have cryptocurrency payment options available. You can also buy a NordVPN gift card in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Canada.


SurfShark is another VPN service that offers high-speed internet. It stays on the affordable side of Premium VPNs. You can use Surfshark on Mac, iPhone, Linux, Windows, Android, etc. One really good feature of SurfShark is that you can use it on unlimited devices.

SurfShark offers basic premium security features like kill-switch, split tunneling, etc. It is another safe and reliable VPN service.

Make use of customer support if you face any problems. You have the option to purchase through VPN Bitcoin payments.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet access is a great choice if you are going for something affordable. PIA offers an affordable VPN service. The speed is reliable and they have specific P2P servers making it a good choice for torrenting needs.

Private Internet Access offers an appropriate amount of security with features like a no-logs policy, kill-switch, split tunneling, etc.

You can pay through cryptocurrency like bitcoin or gift cards to stay anonymous.


To maintain full privacy, it is important to buy a VPN service anonymously. Not only it protects you from any important data leak but it guarantees full anonymity. Although the process is long, it guarantees safety. If your only concern is to use apps like Netflix then you can skip these steps and purchase it directly. A good piece of advice is to sign-up using a fake email address when buying your VPN service.


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