Top gift ideas for newlyweds

gift ideas for newlyweds

Some people are born with a natural tendency to do and say the right things at all times. We call them “charmers”. These are a sub-type of extroverts. On the contrary, some people manage to make themselves struck in a socially awkward position. Let’s see top gift ideas for newlyweds.

Coming to a party, all dressed up is like the most daunting task for them. If they have to purchase a gift for a newlywed couple, the anxiety of choosing the right gift eats them up. You might be allured to not worrying much and just send them a gift card. But you should know about this CNBC report where they found that $3 billion of gift cards are not redeemed in time as per the Mercator Advisory Group

So, they fire up their laptops and search for luxury hampers to get some ideas and just order something without thinking much to overcome the guilt of social obligation. The trend of giving online gifts increased by 80% in 2020 according to the Google blog.

If you belong to that group, we have curated this article just to save your day. With this little help, you may send newlyweds a gift of their life that they will cherish lifelong. 

For Travel Buddies: A Hammock for Two

People come together because they share beliefs, thoughts, and lifestyles. A portable hammock would be a perfect gift for a couple who are fond of travelling a lot. While picking one, be aware to check out the reviews. The hammock must have enough room for two and it should be strong and durable. It will be a nice experience for them to cuddle and relax after bathing in the salty sea. They can enjoy their time swaying in it slowly by the fire in the night. 

For the Adorable Sweet Hearts: Heart-shaped Basket

Just imagine! The sweet breeze flowing and a sweeter couple sitting by the bushes celebrating their first picnic after marriage together. This gift is for these adorable picnic lovers. The heart-shaped gift basket made of organic material comes packed with all the essential articles used for a picnic such as porcelain plates, wine glasses, silverware, and napkins. They also have ample room for a good wine bottle and cheese. Not just for wedding couples, this gift is good for every event. Who doesn’t like to bask in the warm sunlight and spend the afternoon lazily by a creep imbibing all the freshness that nature has to offer?   

For the Elite and Classy Couple: An Assorted Gift Hamper

We all have that couple of friends which have the perfect body and skin by the grace of God and they do not even put much of an effort like dieting and working out in a gym. They have this shiny porcelain skin. They also have this air of ‘eliteness’ in them. They never raise their voice and follow proper social etiquette. I feel like a savage in front of these epitomes of perfection. But, after spending some time with them, you know that they do not much really care if the other person reciprocates their over humbleness. So, you can gift them a personalised pair of champagne flute glasses to taste the perfect wine at their wedding reception. 

For the Intellectual Book Lovers: Marble or Agate Book Ends

You just cannot tell anything new to these book nerds who know almost everything about everything. Generally, these couples are attracted to everything that intrigues them.  Since they know everything about everything, you can gift them anything that can take care of their books. These book lovers treat their books as their children. You can gift them a pair of bookends made of marble or naturally occurring Goede agate. Goede Agate is a gemstone that is considered powerful enough to shape someone’s destiny. They help in meditating and bring good luck. Above all, their natural shape and design appear splendid. 

For Movie Mongers: A soft and Snuggly Blanket

A soft and luxurious blanket is a gift that every movie-loving couple will love and cherish. Actually, it is a general gift that is good to gift to anyone for any occasion. The only thing that you can consider while choosing your blanket is the colour. We will recommend you choose a monochrome blanket of mellow colours. Something too bright and tacky may not be good for adults. You may make it personalised with some decorations like frills and laces to make it more appealing. 

For Food Lovers: Kitchen Essential Hampers 

It is easy to pick a gift for foodies but if they are widely known for their love of food, beware, they are going to get a lot of food-related items such as whiskey glasses, juice tumblers, flutes, wine, cookbooks, personalised chopping board or cheese board. You can gift them a monthly subscription of gourmet food which should be redeemable for six months at least. 

We are certain that your newlyweds would fall in any of these categories. If their social media accounts also do not reveal much about them, go for generalised gifts such as blankets. All in all, you are saved from gift searching!


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