Should you try DIY Solutions to Look After Your Trees?


In 2019, nearly 50% of American homeowners took on one DIY project or more. This is part of a growing trend of individuals who not only partake in making their own renovations and repairs but actively enjoy doing so.

Home DIY projects can result in a great feeling of self-accomplishment. This growing confidence can lead to one taking on greater and more formidable projects.

However, there are some areas of a home and garden that may be better left to the professionals. Anything to do with gas for instance needs a qualified professional. Complicated electrics may be better off in experienced hands. Roofing too is an area that can be dangerous and an inexperienced individual may miss problems or even cause more damage. Tree Removal Wollongong

As for the garden, there are many tips for maintenance and tree care on the internet. But, should you follow them, or is this another area best left to the professionals? 

Can you prune your own trees?

This would seem simple enough. Just trim off any offending branches, and the job is done, right? Well, not exactly.

Arborists are trained professionals who can spot the difference between a rotting branch and a healthy one. They understand how to prune a tree properly to leave it in a healthy and, importantly, safe condition.

By looking for a tree surgeon in your area, you will have peace of mind knowing that your tree has been properly pruned. If a tree is not pruned correctly it can leave it in a weakened state, and it may even become a hazard.

Trees that have been topped poorly can end up being more susceptible to disease, and end up rotting. A badly topped tree also looks like an eyesore. 

It may not be safe for you to carry out tree maintenance

Tree maintenance often involves considerable heights, sharp tools, ladders, and even chainsaws. Combine these elements with an amateur, inexperienced DIY enthusiast, and it is a recipe for disaster.

Tree surgery can be a very dangerous job, even for the experts. According to the Tree Care Industry Association, between 2009 and 2015, 580 people died trying to trim trees in America. These numbers alone should be enough to slow anyone down when thinking about climbing up a tree with a chainsaw. 

Consider hiring Tree Removal Wollongong experts to safely and efficiently take care of your trees in your local area. These experts ensure the process is carried out with the utmost care and professionalism

Can you spot all the potential problems?

Perhaps you are actually skilled in climbing trees, and you can successfully prune them too. But, what about tree care and diagnosis of problems?

Professionals spot problems that perhaps you won’t be able to, and they can make recommendations on how to fix problems. There are many deadly tree diseases in America, and although most of them won’t affect your garden, it may be advisable to have someone experienced in this area perform a yearly check-up.

When climbing trees to perform maintenance, they will also know which branches are safe to step on, whereas you may not spot a rotting branch until it is too late. 

Stump grinding should be ok for DIY enthusiasts though?

When a tree has to be removed due to it becoming a hazard, or because of disease, the stump will be left behind. There are a few ways this can be fixed, but one way that is popular is to grind the stump down.

A DIY enthusiast could easily rent a stump grinder and do it at home, but is it worth it in any way?

If rocks aren’t removed from the area, the grinder could get damaged. This will result in the person having to pay for repairs or even a new piece of machinery. Protective equipment needs to be worn, especially for the eyes and ears. The machinery may take some time to get used to and understand, and there is a certain amount of preparation needed before the grinding can start.

Your insurance may be affected

When a tree falls over, or a branch comes off and causes damage, it can sometimes be tricky to claim on the insurance. When it comes to clearing up your trees and yard after a storm, the insurance may not always payout.

Typically the clearing up part will be your job, but if a tree fell on your house you would expect the insurance to cover the damage. What if the tree was weakened because of botched tree pruning though?

Similarly, a tree might be damaged by a storm and need removing. If a professional carries out this work and there is an accident, you should be covered. If you decide to save money and carry out the removal yourself and it falls on your house, you may no longer be covered. 


The simple fact is that tree maintenance, including pruning, removal, and stump grinding, could be carried out by anyone. However, it can be dangerous and costly.

While many home DIY jobs can save money, time, and be satisfying, it doesn’t appear to crossover to tree care. Once the costs of renting machinery such as chainsaws and stump grinders are factored in, as well as the dangerous nature of the work, hiring a professional may just make more sense.


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