4 Steps to Getting an Online Botox Training


If you are looking to gain knowledge about the field of aesthetic surgery, you could begin your journey with online Botox training. These online certification courses provide you with the opportunity of expanding your skill sets at your convenience.


As per the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report 2020, Botox was the top minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure performed. With a certification under your name, you could start administering Botox treatments and expand your income source.


The article will look at four steps that are involved in becoming a certified Botox administer. 


Step 1: Explore Different Online Botox Training Offered


AAAMS offers different beginner and intermediate courses. Their courses are designed to train doctors, physicians, and registered nurses in the field of aesthetic surgery, with safety, practicality, and a clear-cut approach being top priority.


You could pick an online course depending on your area of interest and experience. For example, if you are a beginner medical professional, you could look at courses like Introduction to Aesthetics or Botulinum Toxins (Botox) Training 101. 


If you have some experience in the space of aesthetics surgery, you could opt for a Facial Aesthetics Master Program.


Step 2: Register and Pay for the Training


Once you have decided on the course, you need to register and pay the course fees. The target audiences intended for these courses are:

  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Dentist


You will need to upload your active medical license or diploma and mention the country or university of the license at the time of registration. 


AAAMS offers different levels of membership. The course fees may differ for members and non-members. You could choose to upgrade your registration and include an AAAMS membership to avail discounts and gain access to their social networking platform. 


Once you complete the registration process and you successfully make the payment, you will receive immediate access to course material. 


Step 3: Go Through the Complete Training Material


One of the most significant advantages of attending an online Botox training is completing the course material at your own pace. You can virtually watch and read through training videos, demos, and case studies. 


Depending on the course you enroll for, some of the primary topics covered include:

  • Understanding facial anatomy, muscles involved in making different facial expressions, and associated action.
  • How to study the face, identify spots, markings, and dosage to be administered. How one can create an upper and lower facelift with neurotoxins.
  • You will receive a first-hand look at various injection techniques for different concerns like droopy eyebrows, lip definition, and frown lines, among others.


If you opt for a master’s training program, you will receive material in the form of lectures and training videos on derma fillers. How to assess a patient’s face, manage their expectations, different types of fillers, pain management, and demonstration and reality series videos.  


The certification courses are designed in a manner that beginners get a comprehensive understanding of Botox administration, and experienced professionals can improve their knowledge base.


Step 4: Receive Certificate of Completion


Participants will have to go through every video in the course and complete an online exam at the end of each. You will have to obtain a minimum of 70% to earn credit for the course. Once you go through all the videos, you will be required to fill out an online evaluation. 


Once you successfully complete the online exams and evaluation, you will receive your certificate of completion. 



A certified training course can go a long way in improving your skill sets and adding credibility to your name. You could explore the different courses offered by AAAMS and leverage the virtual self-paced nature of the training. Start your journey into aesthetic surgery with online Botox training today.



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