20 Qualities of a Good Leader and 10 Characteristics

20 qualities of a good leader

In this article titled 20 qualities of a good leader, we will talk about values that define leadership. A good leader can be recognized by particular attributes.

If you are thinking about securing your place in the corporate world, you need to read 20 good leadership qualities.

This article has articulated all the qualities and characteristics of a great leader just for you. So go through the article and know how to be a good leader.

20 qualities of a good leader

The most essential 20 qualities of a good leader are as follows:

1. Tell the truth

It would help if you stayed true to yourself as well as to others. Staying upright all the time is the trademark of a good leader.

2. Taking obligations

To be a great leader, you will have plenty of obligations. It also means that you are free to make your own choices.

3. Taking risks

You need to commit yourself to work fully. Working under pressure and taking some risks, which are worth taking both are some excellent characteristics.

4. Being loyal

A great leader always ignores their targets to serve a greater purpose.

5. Self-knowledge

Good leaders know about all the pros and cons of themselves.

6. View

A great leader must have a great view of everything. They are perfectly aware of what needs to be done and can make the ideas come to life.

7. Making bold assertions

Good leaders have to make their statements without any worries. No matter what the position is, they need to stand firm in hard times.

8. Individual well-being

When a leader is perfectly fine with his own life, he can lead his employees without hindrances.

9. Faith

A leader has to have utter faith in himself to be confident in what he can do.

10. Expressing

A good leader must be able to express himself fully. They are usually great speakers.

11. Hearing the others out

Great leaders are not only great speakers, but they are also good at hearing others out. It is suitable for them to know what the other employees are thinking.

12. Recognition

Recognition is a great medium to encourage employees. It would help if you kept in mind that this will also improve their performances.

13. Compassion

Compassion is one of the must-have characteristics of a good leader. A good leader must understand others’ problems and deal with them.

14. Connectivity

Connectivity is essential nowadays to secure a place in the corporate world. It would help if you went after the chances before they come to you.

15. Determination

A good leader should have a clear purpose and strictly follow the routine. They should always remain pumped up towards achieving their goals.

16. Formation

The leaders need to work with a formation all the time. They should always know about the whereabouts of the necessary documents.

17. Concentration

Those leaders who concentrate hard achieve something big within a short period. They indulge themselves in work-related issues and stay engaged.

18. Notice everything

A good leader gives his full attention even to the tiniest thing. He plans a thorough understanding of the subject.

19. Authenticity

Great leaders are true to every word they say. They don’t make false assumptions or promises.

20. Leaving a mark

Great leaders must keep in mind that they need to make a difference to look up to them.

Who is a good leader?

Now that you have finished 20 qualities of a good leader, here raises a big question.

How do we identify a good leader? The question is simple, but the answer is very complex. If you are in the corporate world, we are sure that you have known several leaders throughout the years.

Every good leader is different from the other, but there are some common characteristics between them. In this article, 20 attributes of a good leader, we will discuss a good leader.

Usually, five things are prevalent among great leaders. These things are:


This is an essential characteristic of all. A good interaction can instantly improve your relationship with your employees, and a heated interaction will worsen the bond. If you regularly interact with your employees, those interactions will solve most of your department’s problems.

A good leader stays in touch with their employees as long as possible. He doesn’t discuss any personal topics and stays within the boundaries. The employees can discuss any job-related issues with their leader without any hesitation.

Great foresight

Having great foresight encourages one to pass through challenging situations. A good leader has a profound knowledge of what is coming next and what needs to be done to achieve the request.


Compassion is essential to build loyalty and attachment within your employees. The leaders who see themselves from an employee’s perspective tend to get a better result from their team.

Those leaders who treat their people not just as working machines but as normal human beings with natural shortcomings build a more normal bonding than those who don’t. They mingle with their employees by knowing their passions and individual targets.


Those who are genuinely great leaders carry most of the weight on their shoulders. When someone makes a mistake, the leader takes the toll so that nobody gets left behind.

Always thankful

Good leaders interpret achievement as a team effort and appreciate all the good members. This is a crucial characteristic to have as most employees leave their jobs due to the scarcity of recognition.

20 qualities of a good leader

10 characteristics of a good leader

After knowing the 20 qualities of a good leader, let’s talk about something else.

They say that you don’t abandon your work; you abandon your employer. Recently research showed this is not an assumption; there might be some truth in it.

So it is pretty much clear that the greater the employer, the more the employees tend to last longer and complete their job more profoundly. So how do you identify a good leader? What are the characteristics that are much needed in a good leader?

Let’s see what the 10 characteristics of a good leader are.

1. Loyalty

Above all, the most crucial characteristic of a good leader is loyalty. A good leader has to give some reasons to their employees to commit themselves to their leader fully. This is the main principle. If your employees don’t believe in or are somewhat doubtful about what you think is necessary for your work, they won’t give it a shot to make your ideas come true.

To develop loyalty within your employees, you need to be utterly upright with them no matter what the situation is. When they start to believe in you, they will also begin to respect you. This is very important for getting the best results from them.

It would help if you built yourself in a way that your employees can look up to you. You need to keep in mind that if you become entirely upright, they will also return the favor. So you get back what you give the others.

2. Intellectuality

A good leader always remains updated about what is happening in the outside world. They know about the changes and the new developments in their respective areas.

If you are the head of a marketing department, it will help your employees and your department if you are an expert in all the latest developments and market growth. You need to explore all the aspects of marketing by reading the latest journals and books.

Just because you are a pro in your respective area, that doesn’t mean you are always accurate. But that certainly makes you an asset to your company. If your employees have any quarries, they will come to you for sure.

Sometimes, you don’t know the solution right away, but you will figure it out in no time.

3. Believes in their employee’s skills

A good leader knows what they are doing. But most of all, they have utmost faith in what their employees can do. If you have confidence in them, then that helps them to succeed.

If you are a good leader, you are always ready to consult with your employees when the solution to a problem is unknown to you. You are always keen to know what the other members are thinking and be ready to give up your claim anytime. As a good leader, you should learn some modesty.

After you build faith in your employee’s skills, you don’t need to think hard about how they are finishing their work. You need to give them the freedom to bring out the best of themselves.


4. Makes practical conversations

Those who can make exceptional conversations are not that great at choosing the right word. They indeed hold excellent speaking and writing abilities. But what is necessary to understand their discussion depends on whom they’re talking to.

A great leader makes practical conversations by understanding the mindset of the listeners. To be a good leader, you need to adjust your conversation mode as your success relies on how much you can motivate them to do what needs to be done. Your practical speeches can bring out an excellent outcome right away. As a great leader, it is your job to search for information all the time.

5. Gives assurance

One of the most important things to be seen in a great leader is that he always stands by his employees even when they are tough. He assures them and encourages them to stay positive.

6. Manifests intent and target

A great leader tends to split their targets between the employees. This helps them fully indulge themselves in their work, and the obstacles seem like they are nothing to stand in their way.

However, one helpful method of motivating your people is to let them consider the greater purpose.

7. Illustrates the improvement

When you are the leading man in the team, it is your first job to ensure that nobody loses their way.

8. Appreciates performances

One meaningful way to encourage your employees is to appreciate their performances now and then, whether for teamwork or personal achievement. Make sure to inform the company when your people achieve success.

This helps to encourage the other people who need motivation right now. It would help if you also kept in mind that when one of the employees achieves something, the others have also succeeded.

9. Shows great empathy

One of the much-needed characteristics of a good leader is empathy towards their employees. A leader with great compassion is perfectly aware of any job-related pressure and their employees’ physical or mental health.

They also make sure that there is no room for sexists, racists, and bullies. Also, they can go to any extent to support the employees.

10. Confesses when they can’t find all the solutions

When you are leading people, that means you are the captain of the ship. What you need is to encourage people to run after your view.

It is often said the leader has some unique idea that the others would never be able to think about. But this is not true at all.

Final thoughts

A great leader is self-conscious about their pros and cons. As a result, they welcome any work-related conversations, even if that goes against their opinion. They are always willing to take any responsibility and confess when they make an error in judgment.

Now that you know the 20 qualities of a good leader, you can work on yourself and be a better version of yourself!


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