Home Upgrades to Turn Your Small Home into a Mini-mansion

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Upon hearing the word ‘mansion,’ what most people have in mind is huge houses with sprawling driveways, ten-foot gates, sweeping backyards, and too much space than necessary. For the latest generations of homeowners, however, luxury living has become a lot smaller.                                                                                        Mini-mansion are essentially luxury homes that are just about the size of a typical one-bedroom or two-bedroom house. While they provide homeowners the opportunity to live luxuriously at a lower cost, these “mini-mansions” are also more eco-friendly, which is another factor that young generations tend to consider.

But what if you already own a small home that is nowhere near luxurious? Fret not-turning your home into a mini-mansion is very well possible. And in fact, making luxury upgrades to an existing house is often cheaper than buying a ready-made micro-mansion.

Here are some of the best home upgrades that can turn your small home into the epitome of luxury living:

1. Inground pool

Yes, you may not have that much space in your backyard, but remember that inground pools come in all shapes and sizes. Even if your yard is half the size of a regular one, there is likely a way to fit at least a 10-by-10 pool in there. Although you may not be able to do full laps with a smaller pool, having one in your backyard is one of the best ways to level up your lifestyle-as well as upgrade your landscaping along the way. No matter the size of your pool, you will also want to keep this maintained with the help from a professional Pool Service to fully enjoy the benefits of your own personal pool.

2. Floor-to-ceiling windows

A small home can feel ten times bigger with larger windows. If you live in a somewhat isolated area with neighbors a good distance away from your home, consider installing floor-to-ceiling windows on the side of your home that receives the most sunlight. Aside from the aesthetic appeal and making your home look bigger, having larger windows provide passive solar heat and can bring you closer to nature.

3. Deck

One of the biggest potential disadvantages of having a smaller home is the limited living space. If this is the case for you, building a deck in your backyard is a home upgrade that you should definitely look into.

While a deck is not that luxurious in nature, it is an effective way of extending your living space and maximizing your outdoor space. As a result, you can spruce up your backyard with luxury outdoor furniture, making way for better gatherings at home.

4. Small outdoor kitchen

For many homeowners, an outdoor kitchen is often the epitome of luxury living. The main reason for this view is the price tag that building an outdoor kitchen comes with, which is usually $50,000 to $100,000 for a luxury design. If you want to take it a step further, you can also equip your outdoor kitchen with a built-in icebox, wine fridge, dishwasher, and even a bar for top-notch outdoor entertainment.

Adding lighting to your outdoor living space also creates a luxurious ambiance while not breaking the bank. Explore affordable designer lights collection at Zest Lighting that will add a touch of elegance and inviting atmosphere to your outdoor kitchen.

5. Loft

Loft designs are extremely popular for tiny luxury homes as they open up the space and maximize as much of the vertical space as possible. They are also ideal for single people or couples who don’t need to have closed-off bedrooms for privacy, especially those who prefer an open floor type of design.

If you already own a house, it may be tricky to redo it into a loft design as there are many structural considerations. It is also often impossible to do on some pre-existing homes. Talk to an architect or a structural engineer to find out if you can convert your small home into a loft-type.

6. Hot tub

Like a pool or an outdoor kitchen, having a hot tub in your home screams luxury. Moreover, taking a hot tub can offer many health benefits, such as relief from sore muscles and a relaxed mental state. Better yet, a hot tub doesn’t require a lot of space, making it a great addition to a home with a small yard-and perhaps even an alternative to an inground pool.

7. Luxury indoor kitchen

Do you feel like your kitchen is not fancy enough? A luxury kitchen remodel may be just the thing you need to turn your home into a micro-mansion. You can upgrade countertops, cabinets, appliances, fixtures-or redo the entire kitchen from scratch with a luxury kitchen plan in hand.

Either way, remodeling the “heart of the home” can provide a significant boost to your lifestyle, especially if you love to cook and entertain guests.

Turning your small home into a micro-mansion is not as difficult as you may think. Oftentimes, you have to invest in the right upgrades, starting with the ones highlighted above.


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