Things to Do in Catalina Island for Fun and Adventure

Things to Do in Catalina Island for Fun and Adventure

The article about things to do in Catalina Island is a must-read for you if you’re looking for a vacation right now. We will tell you everything you need to know before you plan a vacay to the beautiful island of Catalina.

Facts about Catalina Island

Many people want to spend a weekend on a luxurious island relaxing and enjoying themselves under the hot sun. But most of these islands are situated in remote locations away from the public eye. There are many things to research before going there.

Here are some things you must know before visiting Catalina:

Situated in Los Angeles California

When it comes to Catalina Island, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Catalina Island is located in California, just 22 miles away from the southern California coast.

If you are in Los Angeles, you can absolutely visit this island within a day.

Known as the Mediterranean gateway of California

Catalina Island has another fascinating name.

It is often called the “Mediterranean gateway of California.”

Even if it is a part of California, it feels so different from the greater part of the main territory.

Rich in its history

Catalina Island is also rich in history. The Spanish Empire conquered it in early times, and then it became a part of Mexico. Now it is a part of the United States of America.

Once you go to the island, you can think of many fun activities and events to let loose. There are several water rides, exciting ventures, yummy foods, and some serene backgrounds waiting for you. You will get the feeling that you are no longer in California.

Things to Do in Catalina

Water activities in Catalina Island

Along with the other fun activities, there are several water activities you can do on Catalina Island.

Now we will discuss the popular water activities you can enjoy here. So read below and know all the possible ways of having fun with the water:

Go diving

Catalina Divers Supply is the most ancient dive shop on the island. This also gives a chance to indulge in the lower surface of the water for those who don’t have that much experience in diving.

Anyone can take the diving classes which come with certificates here and become a pro in diving. You can also try skin diving with a snorkel which usually goes by the name of snorkeling.

Parasailing and Tubing

Parasailing and tubing in Catalina are must-try water activities at Catalina.

Once you get rid of all your worries about flying much much higher from the sea level, parasailing won’t scare you at all.

You will actually find solace in listening to the sounds of the wind and get a chance to explore a whole new angle of the island.

If you get the mood of being more adventurous, you can try tubing.

But it would help if you kept in mind that you don’t open more than two or three tubers at a time.


Romantic things to do in Catalina Island

If you’re looking for a perfect romantic getaway, Catalina Island has something in store just for you.

You’re reading the article about things to do in Catalina Island and in this particular section we will inform you about the romantic things to do in Catalina Island.

So read thoroughly and think about all the romantic things you want to do on the island.

A fitting romantic spot for couples

Catalina Island has always been a fitting romantic spot for couples. The beaches have stunning views which the couples in love can enjoy.

They can also check out the restaurants that offer fine dishes and help with romantic communion.

Here we have made a list of things to do in Catalina Island, which are suitable for couples. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list right away.

Go and watch a romantic picture at the Casino Movie Theatre

Ask your partner out on a romantic date and go to the Avalon Theatre, where the walls are beautifully designed with paintings.

You will see the roofing is scintillating, and the whole room is charged up with a beating sound. Every night at 7.30 pm the brand new pictures are screened.

Schedule an outing at Botanic gardens

If you love to take a walk, take your time and go to the Wrigley Memorial and Botanic gardens. If you’re running short on time, you can hire a golf cart to visit the surroundings.

Wrigley Memorial and Botanic gardens are undoubtedly some of the best romantic spots you can find on this island.

You can climb up to the monument and enjoy the amazing spectacle. Even if you don’t have the mood to climb up to the top, you can sit on a bench and arrange a small picnic with your partner.

Enjoy the ocean from the comfort of your hotel room

Can you enjoy your stay on Catalina Island without even getting out of your hotel room? The answer is yes, you absolutely can.

The hotel rooms in Catalina Island come with the privilege of having the most amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. With a nice and romantic atmosphere, fluffy pillows, and an equally comfortable ocean view, you won’t have to leave your room at all.

Pamper yourselves with a Food Tour

If you and your partner are up to anything that tastes good to you, you have to satisfy your appetite by going on a Food Tour. This is a way of exploring a whole new world of romance by relishing various kinds of foods.

Go on a bike ride with your partner

If you like to explore the whole island by yourself, you have to consider renting a bike. These are electric bikes, and in this way, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes without any hiccups. Enjoy the beauty of this island together, and don’t forget to take photos.

Take a special massage at the Island Breeze Spa

Nothing could be better than taking a relaxing couple’s massage at the Island Breeze Spa. So lie back by the side of your partner and get lost in the magical world of relaxation.

Find Lloyd’s and take a bite of a caramel apple

Once you go to Catalina Island, you have to go find Lloyd’s. This famous candy shop has been around since 1941 and is famous for peanut brittle, caramel apples, and many other things.

You won’t have any trouble with sharing the apples with your partner because the apples are sliced. Just take a seat by the shore, take in the scenario and dig in.

Dive into the translucent water

You can find the most translucent water in Catalina Island than the whole of southern California. So you absolutely need to take advantage of it.

Those who don’t like water that much can rent a double kayak from Descanso Beach Ocean Sports.

As you take a look downward, you can see various kinds of fish and might have the privilege to see a water turtle or a seal. Who knows?

Catalina Island things to do for free

As you already know, there are actually many things to do in Catalina Island, and you will be surprised to know that some of those things are actually free of cost.

Yes, you read that right!

If you want to know about them, you have to go through this section about Catalina Island things to do for free.

Collect a pass free of cost and go hiking

The best way to explore every corner of Catalina Island is to go hiking. There are about 165 miles to explore, and you can’t even finish exploring within a day.

So don’t wait up and go collect your free day pass from the Catalina Island conservancy so that you can explore the heart of the island. This adventure won’t cost you any amount of money.

Discover your favorite selfie zone

This is the age of social media, and you cannot return from Catalina Island without taking some amazing photos.

The authorities of Catalina Island have kept this fact in mind and approved the tourists to take pictures. So, discover your most preferred selfie zone while exploring the island and take some memorable pictures.

These photos will make your social media pages even better.

Explore all the beaches on the Catalina Island

Most of the beaches on Catalina Island can be accessed free of cost. You don’t have to pay extra money to explore the beach or play in the sand.

Enjoy the game of basketball and volleyball

You can get one basketball court and one beach volleyball court for free. On Pebbly Beach Road, you can find these courts and both courts offer beautiful backgrounds. You can get balls from Brown Bikes with five dollars which will be returned to you.

Experience the sunset

You can absolutely rise early from bed to experience the most amazing sunrise, and you won’t regret it at all.

You can experience this particular phenomenon of nature from both sides of Avalon Bay. Go to Mount Ada or the Catalina Chimes to get a better view.

Let the kids enjoy

Not only the grownups but the kids can also have fun on Catalina Island. Kane Park, City Park, Kid’s Park are there for the children. There is a skate park too. If you have kids with you, you can always take them to the parks and won’t get bored.

Catalina Island things to do during covid

Now that you’ve known all the necessary information about the things to do in Catalina Island, the question that arises in your mind is, is the island accessible during COVID?

The answer is yes. Catalina Island is accessible during these tough times.

You can enjoy plenty of fun activities, and most of the dinners are also ready to welcome you.

You need to maintain the COVID protocols provided by the Los Angeles County, and then you’re good to go.

Let us now discuss things to do in Catalina Island during COVID. Just because we’re giving you the options doesn’t mean that you can’t do these things during normal times.

Take the Catalina Zip Line Eco Tour

When you plan to go on a tour to Catalina Island, you must include this on the top of your list. You can enjoy two hours of entertainment which will give you the ultimate taste of adventure.

Climb up the golf cart and explore

This activity is getting popular nowadays on Catalina Island. Find a local driver who will give you the tour and fill you in with all the local stories.

Go parasailing on the top of the Pacific Ocean

Challenge yourself and try parasailing on more than 600 feet above the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy the view of the entire island from literally the top of the world.

Don’t forget to try kayaking

Kayaking is one of those things you need to place on the top. While kayaking, you can easily lay your eyes on the eagles, seals, and the Garibaldi fish.

Go kayaking

Final thoughts

Now that you have finished reading the article about the things to do in Catalina Island, you won’t have any problems planning a trip there. Just choose the right occasion to pack your bags and get on a flight all the way to Los Angeles.

As the island is accessible even in this pandemic situation, you won’t have to think about the restrictions. But the one thing that you have to keep in mind is that before you get on a flight to Los Angeles, you have to book the hotel rooms before the time runs out.


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