Best Spa Packages at Day Spas

Best Spa Packages

There are several causes of body aches and pain, from sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress to sitting in a position for a long time. This causes stress and affects your general well-being. A good massage however is capable of providing relief by relaxing the muscles. Let’s see the best Spa packages.

A day spa provides various services that improve the beauty, relaxation, and overall health. This is done through treatments like massages, facials, and hair treatments. A spa also has a pool, steam room, a sauna, and a tranquil environment that enables you to calm your nerves.

There are several packages however that can be used to treat yourself to a refreshing time or to book a session for a loved one. To get started, you can search for spa packages near me on the internet, and several options within your location will be listed. With this, you can have a good moment of relaxation.

Types of Spa Treatment

Many persons are so busy with work that they forget to take time out to rest and relax. Some spa treatments are designed to rejuvenate the mind and body by eliminating pains and body aches.

Swedish Massage

This method is very popular due to its stress-relieving effects. The therapist carries out tapping, sliding, cross strokes, vibrations, and kneading on the body to ease muscle tension. It is highly effective in reducing the stress hormone levels of the body within 45 minutes. It is often a top option for regular spa-goers.

Facial Pampering

Although it is often thought of as only a beauty regimen, it is a combination of both massage and skin treatment. It involves using products specially made to help skin challenges together with a gentle touch from the masseuse. Facials are also known to prevent aging by stimulating skin cells. This combo eases the tension in the facial muscles and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. It is extremely relaxing and can be used to pamper your skin.

Hot Stone Massage

This is carried out by gently placing warmed stones on acupressure points of the body. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles, reduces stiffness and inflammation. Placing the stones at those strategic points lowers tension when massaging. This treatment is also popular and shares the same benefits as the Swedish massage.

Pedicure and Foot Massage

Your foot performs a great job taking you wherever you want and can become sore after a while, a pedicure and massage will definitely leave it feeling better and beautiful. Even if you are unable to have a full body massage, a pedicure is great to get rid of foot aches and pain.

Deep Conditioning and Scalp Massage Treatment

Your head and hair could also do with some spoiling. When you deep condition your hair, it leaves it untangled and moisturized while a massage to the scalp will aid hair growth and blood flow to the follicles. This joint treatment will make you feel relaxed and ease stress.

Best Spa Packages at Day Spas

Visiting the spa is such a pleasant experience but it would be more rewarding when you know the various treatments and packages. This will help you in choosing one that will be more beneficial to your body. The following is a sample of packages you might find in a spa:- 

Urbana Royalty

This is a complete package to give yourself a beautiful treat. It contains a 1-hour signature custom facial. This is immediately followed by 90 minutes of sugar polish and body wraps using sea minerals. This is finished with a therapeutic massage. 

Spa Luxe

This package is the ultimate relaxation plan with 1-hour each for a custom facial and a Swedish massage. This is also available in a mini package with a 45-minutes massage and half-hour facial treatment.

Queen’s Luxe

This is the ideal getaway for the mother and daughter duo as it allows them to relax and bond. Th use of smooth relaxing strokes and refreshing perfumed oils is sure to work wonders. This package contains an hour of Swedish massage and another hour of facials each for the pair. This treatment will surely leave your skin looking younger and feeling fresher.

Executive Spa Package

The men are not left out of enjoying a good spa treatment as this package is exclusively designed for them. Starting with a 1-hour east-west massage, he goes on to enjoy a 30 minutes scalp and foot treatment and is concluded with 45 minutes steamed towel and gentlemen’s special.

Benefits of Visiting a Day Spa

There are many other benefits of having a massage and some of them include:

Reduces Stress

A well-relaxed body eliminates mental stress and a massage greatly provides such due to its soothing effect. This is also a fantastic way to have some valuable time and to clear your mind. This leaves you feeling better and in a more productive position to work.

If you are looking for other ways to relieve stress, you can check here:

Makes Skin Radiant

Harsh weather conditions sometimes dehydrate the skin making it dry and also break out. A facial cleans and hydrates the skin by feeding it with the needed nutrients to glow and look bright. Skin pores are also opened during spa treatments and this way, toxins and dirt are easily gotten rid of leaving you with cleaner skin. 

Eases Joint and Muscle Pains

Warm water aids in relaxing the body and this includes joint or stress-related muscle pain. Swedish, hot stone, and deep muscle massage are ideal for getting rid of such pains. 

Prevents Varicose Veins

Standing for a long time can lead one to develop varicose veins. This can cause your veins to get enlarged and swollen. Regular foot massages and pedicures prevent this from happening and they can also help you maintain good posture.

Eliminates Insomnia

Fatigue and exhaustion can prevent one from having a good sleep but when your muscles are well relaxed, it soothes the tension in your body thereby aiding in having a better sleep. Insomnia can affect one’s health in a negative way and you need to make effort to check it.

For other tips to check insomnia, you can check here.  


Spa treatments serve as a means to relieve one of fatigue and exhaustion but with time, it has grown to serve many other purposes such as care, beauty, and even aromatherapy. It is one of the most effective ways to give mental and physical relief to the body through the different massage therapies. 

It is very vital however to know about the different treatments and packages available before settling for any. This will guide you in making the right decision and enjoying a swell time.



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