Al Sharpton Net Worth, Early Life, Activism, and More

Al Sharpton net worth
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Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. is an American Baptist minister, former White House adviser for Barack Obama. Also, he is a civil rights activist and radio and television chat show host. Everyone wishes to know what Al Sharpton net worth is and much more! So, if you’re also one of them, read ahead! Here we have highlighted everything about Al Sharpton!

In the year 2004, Sharpton was one of the candidates for the Democratic Party nomination for the United States presidential election. He is also the founder of the National Action Network.

Furthermore, he is the host of the radio show – “Keepin It Real”. Also, you will see him various television programs. In 2011, Sharpton was named the host of the news-based channel called MSNBC’s Politics Nation, a night talk show.

However, here are some more details about who he is, his achievements and more!

Al Sharpton net worth
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Who is Al Sharpton?

In the year 1969, he was first appointed by Jesse Jackson to serve as the youth director. Since then, he has been a controversial and outspoken politician who has been fighting against injustice mainly faced by Black Americans.

Al Sharpton – Early Life

Al Sharpton was born and brought up in small-town Brownsville, near Brooklyn in New York City. The date is October 3 in the year 1954. Alfred Charles Sharpton Sr and Ada Richards are his parents. Furthermore, he preached the first orientation when he was four years old and did a tour with Mahalia Jackson, a gospel singer.

In 1963, Sharpton’s parents separated because his father was having an affair with Sharpton’s half-sister. After this, his mother, Ada, worked as a servant and her salary was extremely low. So, that makes his family qualify for government shelter homes. Due to this, they were moved from Hollis (a middle-class community) to Queens to public housing in Brownsville.

Al Sharpton – Education

Al Sharpton passed from a public school named Samuel J Tilden High School. He was a licensed Pentecostal Minister. It was Bishop F.D. Washington who licensed him at the age of 9 or 10

He joined Brooklyn College. However, he dropped out after two years in the year 1975.

In 1972, Sharpton worked as the youth director for Shirley Chisholm, a Congresswoman, for a political campaign. From the year 1973 till 1980, he worked as a tour manager for James Brown.

Sharpton becomes a Baptist in late 1980 after the death of Bishop Washington. In 1994 he was rebaptized by Willian Augustus Jones and become Baptist Minister.

Al Sharpton net worth

Sharpton’s net worth used to be $900,000 in the year 2019. But in 2020, it was stated his net worth to be $1 million.

However, Al Sharpton net worth 2021 has become $2 million due to rising demand for his books. Also, more people are listening to his radio show.

It is estimated that in the future, Pastor Al Sharpton net worth will increase way more than it did from 2020 to 2021.

Al Sharpton Salary

His income per year is $100,000 every month, and it is approx. $8,333, every week it is $1923, every day it is $273, every hour $11, and every minute $0.19.


In the year 1969, he was the youth director of Operation Breadbasket in the New York City division. Jesse Jackson was the one who appointed him for his role.

Furthermore, this organization helps African Americans to find better-paying jobs. ‘

In 1971, he founded the Nation Youth Movement, which helps poor people.

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Bernhard Goetz

Goetz shot 4 Black men on the Subway in Manhattan in the year 1984 when these men tried to jump him. However, in his trial, he was not charged with anything excluding carrying a firearm.

Later, Sharpton led many protests after this poor trial. He and some other civil rights members said that Bernhard’s action was xenophobic and racist. They requested to do more investigation on this case.

However, the federal investigation said that it was because of stealing and not due to race.

Howard Beach

3 African men were harassed by few white men on December 20, 1986, in Howard Beach. These white men on Belt Parkway chased them, and Michael Griffith, one of the three black men, was assaulted and murdered by these men.

On December 27, Sharpton, with 1,200 protestors, marched on the roads of Howard Beach. Whites dominate this neighborhood. When they passed, they screamed various racial slurs at the demonstrators, who were mostly black.

Furthermore, Mario Cuomo, a New York Governor, arranged a special public prosecutor after the other victims declined to help them. This happened due to Sharpton’s protest on Howard Beach.


On August 23, 1989, 4 Black American teens were beaten and abused by 30 young white men in Bensonhurst. One of the residents in Bensonhurst had a gun that killed Yusef Hawkins, who was just a teenager.

For weeks Sharpton has led many marches in Bensonhurst. During the protest, people from the neighborhood shouted “N***** go home” while carrying a watermelon to mock all the protestors.

He even threatened Elizabeth Holtzman, who was the prosecutor, to hire some black attorneys, or the other three victims won’t corporate in the case. They did cooperate with him.

Amadou Diallo

Amadou Diallo was an immigrant who came from Guinea and was killed by New York Police Department officers. Al Sharpton protested to raise awareness and claimed it was due to racial profiling and police brutality. However, none of the officers were termed guilty in the trial. But Diallo’s family was given $3 million due to the wrongful death of Amadou Diallo.

Tyisha Miller

Tyisha Miller, a black American teenager, was shot by police in Riverside, California, in December 1998. She was unconscious in her car that had a flat tire, but the engine was running. The car was parked at some gas station, and after not hearing from her for hours, her family called 911.

When the police arrived at the gas station, they notice a gun on her lap, and she was foaming from her mouth, which proves she needed medical help.

Furthermore, one of the officers broke the window and tried to take the gun when she woke up and clutched the gun. This made all the police officers shot Miller 23 times.

Next year in May, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, along with other leaders, protested as Riverside County said that the policemen did not commit any crime. And this declined all the criminal charges against the officers.

Ousmane Zongo

Ousmane Zongo was an immigrant from West African who died in the year 2002. An officer shot Zongo in a raid in a storehouse in Manhattan. Sharpton not only protested but also meet the family of Zongo and helped them with legal services.

Sean Bell

On November 25, 2006, Bell was killed at the Jamaica section in New York. Some detectives shot him from NYPD (New York Police Department).

This case caused the police to get a lot of criticism from many Americans, and many people compared this Sean Vell’s situation with Amadou Diallo.

Out of 5 detectives, 3 of them took part in this shooting and the trial in the year 2008. However, the court said they did not commit any crime.

On May 7, 2008, after the trial, Sharpton did a peaceful protest at most river crossings: the Manhattan Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Queens Midtown tunnel, the Triborough Bridge, the Queensboro Bridge, and the Holland Tunnel.

Later 200 protestors, including Sharpton, were arrested.

George Zimmerman

In the year 2012, Sharpton led many rallies and protested when Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. He criticized the Police Department at Sanford for not handling the case properly and not arresting George Zimmerman on the shooting night.

Sean Hannity then accused MSNBC and Sharpton of handling this case badly. Later MSNBC stated that Sharpton had requested further investigation.

Eric Garner

Sharpton organized a peaceful protest after Eric Graner was shot and killed by Daniel Pantaleo, a policeman, in July 2014. He has also planned another protest on August 23, where protestors would drive along Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Ministers March for Justice

August 28, 2017, was the March on Washington. On this 54th anniversary, Martin Luther King Junior gave his famous speech “I Have a Dream” Al Sharpton prepared the Minister’s March for Justice and promised to bring many followers of the ecclesiastic to Washington D.C. Many influential people from different religions were present here including, Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs.

George Floyd

On June 4, 2020, at George Floyd’s funeral, Sharpton called out all the 4 Minneapolis officers involved in Floyd’s death. He even called out then-president Donald Trump as he did not talk about the issue even though there was a video of the policemen harassing Floyd.

Al Sharpton – The Author

He has written three books and co-written one book. All three books are Al on America, Rise Up: Confronting a Country at the Crossroads, and Al Sharpton and the Path to American Leadership.

He also co-wrote a book with Nick Chiles called Go and Tell Pharaoh. 

All of his books are available on Amazon. The price of these books is between $3 – $33. His books are quite popular as they are mostly about society and its injustice. The profit from the books also contributes to Al Sharpton net worth.

Al Sharpton – house

As of now, Al Sharpton lives in a single-family house built in the year 1950. The house is located at Sharpton Rd Ne 1741, AL 35055, Cullman. You can find many Al Sharpton house pictures if you want to know how his home looks.

Moreover, the house’s value is $153,545, which plays a huge part in Al Sharpton net worth. The total area is approx. 1,151 square feet and some nearby schools are Vinemont High School, Middle School, and Elementary School.

Alfred Sharpton – Expensive Car

In the year 2004, he bought himself a luxury car, Rolls Royce Phantom. It was a gift to himself for his 50th birthday.

Moreover, this car is one of the most luxurious cars on the planet, and its base price is $475,000.

It is safe to say that both the house and car play a major role in boosting Al Sharpton net worth.

Rolls Royce

Al Sharpton private jet

Al Sharpton net worth is in the millions due to him owning luxury cars and private jets. However, last year Al Sharpton received trolls online after posting a tone-deaf video of him walking towards his private jet. He was going to Minneapolis to join George Floyd’s family to conclude Derek Chauvin’s trial.

Many people heavily roasted due to this as it was not the ideal time to post videos like this. Some accused him of being a hypocrite. Private jets do cause a lot of pollution for the environment and him being an activist riding on a private jet seems off to most people.

Alleged Financial Problems

In November 2014, New York Times revealed that Sharpton was facing some financial problems. They reported that his business owes about $4.5 million tax to the state and the federal. Moreover, almost $3.7 million was his tax debt.

However, he said that all the reports were false and paid all of his taxes in time. Though he did not reveal how much he has paid to the government, the New York Times couldn’t confirm it.

But due to all these allegations did hamper Al Sharpton net worth in the following year.

Jesse Jackson net worth

Jesse Jackson is a Baptist minister. Moreover, he is also an activist of civil rights in America. His net worth is $9 million as of 2021.

Also, he is the creator of PUSH or Rainbow, a civil rights organization, and the U.S. shadow Senator.

Final thoughts

Al Sharpton is an American politician who fights against injustice. He is also an author and TV and radio show host. Furthermore, he has been fighting for the rights of African American people since the 1970s.

Rev Al Sharpton net worth 2021 is $2 million. He earns mostly from his nonprofit organizations, but his house, car, and books also contributed to his net worth. However, there is an estimation that his net worth will double up next year.


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