Digital marketing tips for daily campaigns


Digital marketing is needed for every company in 2021. Pandemic opened the doors to the online world for many businesses. Today we will focus on digital marketing tips that you should implement in your daily campaigns. 

Customer experience

A customer experience is the customer experience of working with you or your company. Research shows that shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if they have an informed shopping experience.

First of all, you need to make sure that it is convenient for your customers to place orders on your website or in social media networks. Also make sure your customers don’t spend a lot of time contacting you and buying your products or services. This will minimize problems and inconveniences and reduce customer loss.

As you know, social media are considered to be the largest platforms where you can sell directly to consumers. You may be shocked to learn that 60% of Instagram users said they would find new products on this platform. More than 4,000 Pinterest users said they also found many new products on the platform.

Additionally, mobile experiences will be the most important channel in 2021. Therefore, make sure that your customers do not experience problems when interacting with you via their smartphone. You can refer to several metrics to see the importance of this, for example:

  • Mobile devices account for 51.4% of the media used to browse the web;
  • For laptops – only 43.4%;
  • 70% of search queries are currently performed from mobile devices.

Content marketing

Content marketing has always been and will be relevant. But today it tends to become more and more diverse. Content is the main reason users stay on your site longer. It is also one way to help you attract leads. It can be in the form of posts in social media. networks, articles on your blog or video.

First and foremost, focus on ensuring that your content delivers the most value to your potential customers. Avoid water and unnecessary information. Make sure your blog articles or videos address the user’s specific problem. Perfect examples of content marketing would be TikTok and Twitch. The latest success of Twitch is definitely amazing. More people stream in different industries and try to gather viewers (potential customers). If you want to get a better position on Twitch, then buy Twitch followers. The followers that stay active and engage with your live stream will boost your video on the top-page of the streaming platform. 

Algorithmic advertising trend

Advertising on the Internet is changing and improving very quickly. Including the use of artificial intelligence. To be able to target a specific segment of people. With this approach, it becomes more effective. Your ad is seen primarily by those who are interested in it. Which leads to higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs. Determining which marketing channels are contributing to sales or conversions can be made possible with the use of a marketing attribution software. Today, online advertising is changing its face so much that in 2021 it will become completely algorithmic.

Google Apps

Current digital trends show that automation is a decisive factor in marketing. Upgrading Google Adwords to Google Ads brings more new features, many options are automatic and intelligent. Google Ads also uses machine learning to optimize your bids, helping to increase your conversion rates. Plus, Google Marketing Live has given your bids, which have never been before, the ability to choose conversion actions within your business expression.


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