Top15 Interior Design Software To Use In 2021

Interior Design Software to use

The elegant home is everyone’s desire. We are sure, whenever you admire elegant interior designs, don’t you wonder to design for yourself. All of us long for the graceful interior that can hold everyone’s eye, but most of us failed to do so. Why? Either you don’t have the right tool to showcase your skills in interior design or don’t know how to proceed.                                                                                                                                                    If you are someone who is an aspiring interior designer or wants to design your own space, this article is for you! Don’t hold back as we are sharing the best 15 interior design software for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

Best Interior Design Software

  • Houzz Pro

We have Houzz Pro Interior Design Software on our list. Thus is one in one solution for aspiring interior designers who are looking for an effective suite of design solutions. Apart from this, it also offers intuitive tracking of design contacts. Users will also adore its fully-fledged business models that are helping interior enterprises at the best. Not only this, but the payment option is also there in the software to receive the payment from clients. Houzz Pro offers paid subscriptions to its users. 

  • Foyr

Foyr is another great software that is helping in creating floor plans in 2D, design in 3D along photorealistic renders. Foyr offers various features such as 3-D modeling, floor design, and so on. Users can also curate room layout, building materials, paint hues, and space planning. Users can enjoy its 14 days free trial period to understand how exactly Foyr works before going with the paid subscription. It is easy to use software that operates on cloud technology. Rest assured, Foyr owns an extensive library of 50,000 models of 3-D rendering. You can also get in touch with product engineering services if you want to have your own software in the market.   

  • Ikea Home Planner

Ikea Home Planner is flexible and intuitive interior design software that allows users to plan and design their dream kitchen within a shorter span of time. Users can also adjust the room layout and can add furniture from the catalog for a realistic experience. Ikea Home Planner is free to use and users will adore its user-friendly UI. Despite this, users may feel restrictions to choose the furniture or any other objects from the Ikea catalog only. Rest, it’s worth trying for. 

  • Sketch Up

Sketch Up is a handy and professional interior design software that offers a smooth interface to its users. Many professionals admire Sketch Up for its powerful 3D modeling capabilities. Users can create amazing home designs and also use 3D visualization features to get an accurate notion of space planning. If you want to take a chance to renovate your personal space then Sketch Up offers you a free version but if you are a professional interior designer and require a lot of features, you can go with its subscription package. 

  • IVY

This interior design software is created by a team of Houzz. There is a wide range of features that one could acquire from Ivy. You can directly connect with your clients and upload your design there. Once you share the design with your clients they can either approve or disapprove as per their convenience in the software itself. Through this, users can save a lot of time and they can also create proposals, invoices, and other designing documents. Ivy is subscription-based software.

  • Maya

Here comes Maya, another good pick for interior design software by Autodesk. You can use Maya not only to create a home design but also to create video games and animation films with seamless transitions. You can share 3D visualization models with your clients along with 3D rendering, virtual tours, and simulations. Users can appreciate its one-month free trial plan to understand how Maya works and caters to their expectations. Once the free trial is over, users have to opt for paid subscription. 

  • SmartDraw

This software is a little different from the ones we have shared above. It is an online tool that uplifts 2D rendering. Users can curate beautiful floor plans and interactive diagrams for their upcoming projects. Additionally, SmartDraw is also considered an ideal choice for visual projects on your smart devices to get high-quality home designs. It offers a free trial for 7 days and then if you wish to continue the usage, make sure to go for a subscription plan. Many enterprise software development companies are uplifting interior designers to have their own offerings in the market. 

  • RoomStyler 3D Home Planner

Here we have something for beginners or amateur interior designers, we are talking about RoomStyler 3D Home Planner. You can also create room designs for your own personal space and later can upload various floor plan designs to implement your creativity in real-time space planning. RoomStyler 3D Home Planner is absolutely free and considered a good start for beginners. 

  • AutoCAD

Autodesk is not the new name in the field of designing software. AutoCAD is another prominent name in the family of Autodesk, that is being used to create 2D and 3D rendering. It is popular among architects and interior designers. AutoCAD offers a flexible dashboard through which users can use this as per their convenience. This software offers a free trial period of 30 days only. Later you need a subscription plan for further usage.    

  • Planner 5D

Planner5D offers you a platform to create astonishing floor plans, 3D rendering designs, and other designing features that can fulfill your aim in creating a wonderful home design. You can use this software for basic virtual floor plans but if you wish to go for photorealistic 3D rendering, make sure to purchase its subscription-based plan. 

  • Revit

Revit is another member after AutoCAD from the Autodesk family. This amazing software offers a smart model-based outline for planning, outlining, constructing, and operating buildings and infrastructure. It also holds multidiscipline design collaboration with generative and parametric components. Users can check Revit’s functionality for 30 days as a free trial. Once the period is over, users need to buy their subscription plan. 

  • Blender

Blender is the perfect choice for those who want to go with 3D rendering, stimulation, photorealistic animations, and so on. You can also have a brighter 3D view for your room layout, and other vital design ideas that include space plannings. Blender is free to use but if you wish to add some additional features, make sure to purchase its paid plan for additional advantages. 

  • 3Ds Max

Autodesk has surely created a lot of interior design software because 3Ds Max is again a product from Autodesk. 3Ds is a good choice if you want to create your home designs. However, beginners may find it difficult as it has some complex features that require a good amount of time to learn. Just like AutoCAD and Revit, 3Ds Max also offers a 30 days free trial plan, but you need to take a subscription plan if you wish to continue. 

  • Homestyler

Here comes the Homestyler, another great pick to decorate your home with astonishing interior decoration. Users can also make good use of designing tools and furniture to get more realistic interior design patterns. Additionally,  3d floor plans, room layout, 3D visualization is good to go with Homestyler. This is absolutely free software and does not require any subscription plan. 

  • HomeByMe

HomeByMe is the last interior design software on our list. You can implement amazing home design ideas and can select exact 3D rendering for your room layout and space plannings. Users can create amazing projects and take help from 3D view to understanding every bit of it. HomeByMe is free for a certain period of time but you need to purchase its subscription for additional features. 



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