5 Trending Eyewear Frame Designs To Consider In 2021

Eyewear Frame Designs

If you need to wear prescription lenses, there’s no doubt that you want frames that compliment the current trends. Of course, because you wear your frames every day, you need frames that complement your personal style without overpowering your outfit choices. And while some of these eyewear trends are pretty bold and attention-grabbing, others are more casual and suitable for everyday outfit choices. So if you’re due for new prescription lenses, you should consider these five trending eyewear frame designs.

Geometric Frames

Geometric glasses are great for most face shapes, as they compliment oval shapes, square shapes, and even heart-shaped facial structures. Although you have a heart-shaped face, you should consider geometric designs that are top-heavy. (eldiariony.com) These frame designs are also available in thick and thin border frames and various materials. The most trendy materials to go for are metallic metals and plastic designs.

Large Vintage Round Frames

Vintage large round frames are making a comeback, and those with oval-shaped faces should consider these frames for everyday wear. The large frame size is also great as you will have maximum vision through your prescription lenses. However, be sure to opt for thin border frames to avoid a heavy look. Smaller vintage round frames are also making a comeback, although this is more prominently seen in sunglasses trends with tinted or metallic lenses. 

70s Oversized Square Frames

The 70s is a memorable era, and we have recently seen numerous trends re-emerge from this era. 70s oversized square frames are one of the revived trends that are quickly taking over. The best aspect of these frames is that they can complement most face shapes, and the thin border means they won’t overpower your outfit choices or draw too much attention. 

Cat-Eye Frames

Cat-eye frames have been trending for quite some time already, as a revived eyewear trend is making waves. Although, this frame design’s shape is best suited for those with a heart-shaped face as the design is heavier at the top, which will balance out your facial features. With that said, there are tons of trendy cat-eye frame designs to choose from, some have cute embellishments, and others are a bit more casual and suitable for everyday wear. 

Chunky Colored Frames

Chunky-colored frames might not be the most practical choice if you only purchase one pair of prescription lenses. However, this trending frame design will indeed have you making a statement. You can choose from an assortment of bold colors if you are fashion-forward enough to try out the trending frame design. 

There are tons of frame trends worth considering. However, when purchasing new prescription lenses, the most important factors to consider before trends of the day are your facial structure and your style. With that said, you will be able to find tons of designs that compliment your best features and add to your style regardless. It would be best if you considered a face shape guide to help you find the best frame designs for your unique qualities. 



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