7 Things You Can Do With A Degree In English

7 Things You Can Do With A Degree In English

English majors hold a distinctive position in the job market. They have both the skills and the knowledge to pursue any field that they want. As an English major, having various choices can overwhelm you or give you a sense of direction. Not only are you not restricted in your career, but you also have the liberty of experimenting however you want.

Despite having options, most people are still skeptical about choosing English as a field of study. That is because it is still vastly unpopular compared to science majors and even engineering. However that shouldn’t discourage you from choosing this degree, there is still so much you can do. Here are some careers you may look into as an English major:

1.       Public Relations Specialist

Companies and different businesses need a spokesperson. They need someone willing to handle their reputation no matter the situation they’re in. You will be responsible for issuing public statements, share compelling stories about the company, and help cultivate a strong reputation for the business. If you have a good command of the English language, which an English degree will help you achieve, you will have no trouble making your words seem like art. In the marketing context, your jobentails attracting public attention and making room for new consumers. So it is safe to say the way you reorient a business will determine its fate. If you want to start your career right away, you can always opt for a BA English online and quickly upskill in a short time. Distance learning allows you to create a flexible learning schedule and work simultaneously.

2.       Lawyer

Before you head off to law school, you can always do an English major. In fact, for lawyers majoring in English is highly recommended. While weaving in and out of the courtroom, lawyers need to prepare their material. It takes skill to write compelling arguments, take concise notes and find the right words to convince the jury about your client. Even while giving the bar exam, lawyers need to answer an essay-length question. Without the proper skill set, your answer may be lacking. A degree in English may also help you analyze text, which is necessary because lawyers need to examine the case before a courtroom to present a plausible argument.

3.       Human Resource Specialist

As an HRspecialist, your job will revolve around ensuring that the company’s environment is always harmonious and that the employees are productive and in good health. Additionally, you must also research the market for the latest technologies that will improve the company’s efficiency. This can be software or a faster operating system. Anytime you bring in a new employee, you must ensure they settle in well and dispatch training material. If an employee feels burned out or has gone through office harassment, it is within your department’s rights to ensure they get resolved. So one of the tops of the corporate ladder to the bottom is your job to make sure each step is performing smoothly.

4.       Social Media Manager

Businesses, whether small-scale ones or giant enterprises,require robust social media presence. These profiles are a way for them to keep in touch with their consumers more informally. To make sure they impact, that is where you, a social media manager, come in. It is your job to know how to weave creativity and subtle marketing into a neat little package. Your critical thinking and writing style will play a massive part in making the company shine. In some instances, you can even take it a step further and manage company blogs. Consumers don’t want to see mundane posts that are apparent marketing tactics. They want humor, innovation, and a sales pitch, all making an entrance at once. Even if you don’t know anything about the product or the business, it boils down to how well you sell with the limited information you have.

5.       Editor

The last step between the content and the public is the editing process. An editor’s job is essential; whether it’s the style of the content, the image that is supposed to go on the magazine cover, or giving student feedback, an editor does all. Everything an editor does happens with a deep analysis of text and an understanding of the English language. The way you correct, revise, and evaluate the written literature informs the writer where they lack and what you liked about their draft. This is important because only quality information can be published. So with your English degree in hand, the essential skills and knowledge you should become an editor and lead the change on the English language from your office.

6.       Journalism

Journalists also often find their paths intertwining with an English degree. As a journalist, apart from studying journalism, you should do an English degree. This is because the stories that need to go in the newspaper need to be concise yet factually accurate. Finding the next scoop is not enough. It would help if you found the right words to phrase the story. The better you are at drafting severe yet exciting events, the higher your chances of landing the paper’s cover. As a writer, you should know how to present sensitive and interesting topics appropriately. You can’t write anything in a vulgar manner or by disrupting the facts. Your English degree will be a valuable tool in helping you write a great piece. And this will be the first stepup the journalist ladder till you’re made to go first on the scene and listen to witnesses firsthand.

7.       Fundraiser Professional

To have a fundraiser, you need to know how to ask the public to participate. As an English major, you should have no trouble writing emails or shooting out small messages to get people on board. You often work in a team setting where your colleagues constantly draft new brochures to get the public eye. So it is your job to ensure that the way you’re presenting this information is eye-catching and exciting and enough to donate. In addition, your role also includes thanking people and drafting tokens of appreciation. With an English major, words will come to you, and it won’t be just another generic way of saying thank you.

Wrap Up

As an English major, you may find yourself struggling to find a typical career. Even though compared to other fields, there are much fewer English majors. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from trying. Who knows, after you have completed your degree, you may find the job you want. There are numerous careers for you to choose from; you can either become a lawyer or work in HR. No matter what career you choose for yourself, your degree will be a vital tool. After all, with talent and skill, organizations need employees who know how to charm people with straightforward statements. So if you have an English degree, take charge of your future today.


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