Tools Every Handyman Should Have


Expect to pay about $10,200 in run-of-the-mill home repairs and general maintenance over the first five years for that new home you just bought.

You’ll pay even more if you have to call in a professional handyman or plumber every time a screw needs tightening or a faucet starts to drip.

With that in mind, before you move into that new home or set up shop in that first apartment, consider spending a little on some basic tools. In general, all the handyman tools you’ll need for basic repairs will fit in a bucket in the garage or a small box in the storage closet.

More importantly, you don’t have to be a star on HGTV to pick out these tools.  While there are many brands to choose from, your standard sets from your local hardware store will do you just fine for infrequent use.

In the following article, we’ll discuss a few tools that are a must-have in any handyman tool kit.

Tools: Power Drill and Bits

Top of the list is the most expensive item that you’ll need to purchase. A respectable cordless power drill will cost you $80. And you’ll appreciate it if you ever have to screw something in a hard-to-reach spot or multiple times.

Power drills are also handy when assembling furniture and other items. If you want to save a few bucks, go with a power drill with a cord. Since there’s no battery to charge, they are always there when you need them, and they last forever.

If you buy a drill, also consider purchasing a rudimentary drill bit set. Predrilling holes is an important step for most home repair projects.

Circular Saw

Although noisy, messy, and dangerous looking, a circular saw is still one of the best handyman tools to have. Any serious project will need some cutting, and you can buy a good circular saw for $50 to $75.

Remember to have an extra blade with more teeth for cutting thin wood products like paneling.

Also, if you buy a circular saw, pick up an extension cord for convenient use.

Fill Out Your Tool Box

Here are a few basic items to have in that handyman tool set. They are all self-explanatory:

Socket Set Tools

One nice addition to your handyman tool belt is a simple socket set. Having the ability to ratchet nuts and bolts makes assembling and disassembling furniture a snap.

A socket set is an all-purpose, versatile tool that you break out to repair a bike repair or to tighten up wobbly furniture.

Super Glue and clamps

Some people swear by duct tape, but super glue is really where it’s at. The strength and setting power of modern super glue is amazing, and it works on almost any material. If you are in a pinch on a home repair, super glue can often come to the rescue.

That said, the glue is only as good as the amount of force you can hold it in place with. That’s why having a few adjustable clamps is a good idea.

Not only are these items good for setting glue, but holding items you are sawing, drilling, or screwing.

Be Prepared  

If you’ve moved into your first apartment or have purchased your first home, put together your handyman tools sooner rather than later.

Having the proper tools on hand in an emergency can save you not only time but exaggerated repair costs as the repair crisis grows. In essence, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. pick up an extension cord for convenient use. You can find great circular saws at Stonex.


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