What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding?

Cost of a Wedding

Weddings are more than celebrating a couple’s commitment to each other. These have become a big business, and couples are under a lot of pressure to budget several thousands of dollars to tie the knot.

Even though eloping is always an option, no one can fault you for wanting to celebrate the most important day with friends and family. This is what makes weddings expensive.

Keep reading to find out the average cost of a wedding and why these prices have increased.

Average Cost of a Wedding

According to CNBC, the average cost of a wedding is approximately $33,900. The good news is that although that price does not include a honeymoon, it does cover a decent engagement ring. Wedding prices have skyrocketed over the past few years based on the type of celebration people want to have.

Why Is a Wedding So Expensive?

Wedding prices are as much as a down payment on a house these days because tying the knot is not just a “party.” Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life but also one of the biggest single expenditures you have ever budgeted for.

However, many couples say that they have no regrets about spending that money. Weddings truly are a special and magical day, which makes it worth the cost. Everything is personalized to celebrate you and your love. For instance, you do not buy random pre-arranged bunches of flowers from your neighborhood boutique.

For a wedding bouquet, you would seek a unique bunch made with exact specifications instead of a store-bought arrangement. This is why weddings cost so much money because they are all about being pampered to have every detail the way you want it to be.

You get to decide what food your guests will eat, the type of chairs they will sit on, where they will dance, who will take all the photos, and what music will be playing throughout the day.

Weddings are held on a large scale than any other party. Even if you invite your in-laws and next-door neighbors for a small ceremony, you need to think about drinks, a three-course meal, the band, a photographer, decorations, and the venue.

This can set you back several thousands of dollars even if you do not have a lavish ceremony with a huge guest list.

How to Budget Carefully?

The best way to minimize your wedding expenses is by creating a wedding to do list. This way, you can efficiently track where each dollar goes and determine where you can make some cutbacks.

Even if you want to splurge, it is best to keep a checklist to ensure that you get everything you want to celebrate your special day and that nothing is missed.

Plan a Wedding

The average cost of a wedding may be eyewatering, but it is still worth the expense for many people. Weddings are expensive because it takes several people to pull them off. You have a seamstress making your dress and a waiter serving drinks all evening.

With a to do list, you can effectively budget your wedding to avoid any shocking surprises when the bill arrives. Do some research into what everything costs.

This will make parting with your money more palatable. If you enjoyed reading this guide, check out some of our other articles for more information.


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