Where Are NLP Techniques Used Most Efficiently?

NLP Techniques Used

Did you know that with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) you can do lots of things more efficiently, even play better on sites like Vulkan Bet? You can use these techniques to achieve all your personal goals in life: even when using VulkanBet bonuses! NLP is a science with almost 50 years of history, and there are many scientific studies showing that it works. So, in which subjects are NLP techniques used most beneficial? Below we answer this question with examples.

What Is NLP?

Let’s start with an explanation for those who have heard this term for the first time. NLP is the name given to a series of communication, personal development and psychotherapy techniques created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. Bandler and Grinder claim that there is a relationship between neurological activities, language and behavioral patterns in the brain, and when this relationship is used correctly, it will be easier to achieve all kinds of personal goals. In other words, NLP techniques enable you to improve yourself by enabling you to use your already existing features in a certain way. It will be easier to understand if we give some examples:

  • Anchoring: This technique provides the integration of physical action and emotion and allows one to feel the same emotion when that action is repeated. Start by thinking about a memory that makes you happy. Squeeze your index and middle fingers twice when you start to feel really happy. Repeat this five times: in the future, you will be able to feel the same feeling again just by squeezing your fingers in the same way.
  • Mirroring: If you want to relax while talking to someone else, repeat (mirror) every move they make. For example, if his arms are folded, do the same, if he turns his head, you turn it in the same direction, etc. The other person will notice these mirroring actions subconsciously and will relax by realizing that you are not a “threat.”

We can continue to give examples: there are hundreds of books written on NLP techniques, each of which talks about a different technique and what it could be used for. But that’s enough for our purpose in this article: you now have an idea of ​​what NLP is. So, now we can start explaining where it is mostly effective.

The Good Old “Sharpshooter” Example

In fact, there is an excellent example of how NLP techniques work and in what areas they are more effective. In the 1970s, the US Army’s sharpshooting program lasted for 4 weeks, and only 20% of those who participated in the program could complete it. Bandler and Grinder, the creators of NLP techniques, were officially hired by the US government and asked to make this program more efficient. They studied the soldiers who successfully completed the course for a month and talked to each of them. As a result of these interviews, they realized that these soldiers were doing a series of physical and mental exercises to mentally prepare themselves for shooting. They made these techniques “repeatable” and taught them to other soldiers. As a result, the success rate of the sharpshooting course increased to 80%, and also it became possible to complete the course in one week.

We can use this example for many different purposes. There are techniques used by successful people for every subject, and most of the time, even these people have no idea what they are doing. If we understand what these techniques are and make them “repeatable” by everyone, we can increase the success rate in almost every sector. For example:

  • Success in education can be increased by repeating the learning techniques of successful students. This also includes teachers: if they also use NLP techniques, their classrooms will almost always be more successful.
  • The quality and effectiveness of therapy can be increased. Successful therapists have learned what to consider in order to diagnose their patients. Repeating this will speed up both the diagnosis and the treatment process.

We can keep giving more examples: NLP techniques are particularly effective in business, education. and healthcare sectors. However, NLP is not just about using the techniques used by one successful person by more people. There are many techniques that you can use on your own, and they will make it easier for you to reach your personal goals as an individual. For example:

  • NLP requires paying attention to the behavior patterns and body language of others. In order to use techniques such as mirroring, you must pay attention to them and know what they mean. Doing so will allow you to understand the people you communicate with more comfortably and therefore interact better with them. In the same way, you can even make others like you more.
  • You can get rid of bad habits such as smoking. One of the most common NLP techniques is to replace one behavior you repeat frequently while smoking with another one. For example, reaching for your cigarette pack is a behavior, but if you start to exercise as soon as you do this, you can change the neuron pathways in your brain that identify with that behavior.

NLP was originally designed as a tool for personal development, and this is still where it is most effective. However, it is possible to use most of the personal development techniques to repeat success in the business, healthcare and education sectors, as we mentioned above.


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