Underground Water Tanks Free Up Space for Your Family

Tanks Free Up Space

With water bills rising due to the ever-increasing demands, homeowners are always looking for money-saving alternatives. One way of reducing the amount you spend on the water is by investing in rainwater harvesting systems. If your property has a sloping roof, you can store the rainwater that would otherwise waste as runoff. You can do this by installing gutters that drain into a storage tank. The two main types of storage tanks are above-ground tanks and underground tanks. This article explores how underground water tanks free up space for your family and valuable addition to your home

Optimal Space Use

The most significant advantage of underground tanks is that they use space optimally. If your compound has limited space, you can install them underneath your lawn or driveway. This ensures that you don’t lack a backup option when there is an outage in the mains water supply. It also allows you to make the most of the land you own.

Increased Safety

While above-ground tanks are easier to install, they’re so exposed that vandals see them as an easy target. On the contrary, underground tanks provide a challenge to vandals because of the nature of their installation. This means that they are the safer investment of the two options, especially if you live in an area prone to civil unrest. 

Moreover, underground tanks are less susceptible to fires and natural disasters such as tornadoes, cyclones, and hurricanes. This, again, is because they are installed below the ground.

For people who live in areas affected by human-wildlife conflicts, underground tanks are the safer option. Animals can’t damage them as they do to above-ground storage tanks.

An Excellent Backup

You can’t always rely on the city water supply – it can disappoint you at any time, sometimes without notice. This is why many homeowners have a backup to ensure that domestic activities don’t get affected when there’s a water outage.

Underground water tanks can serve as your backup reservoir – the go-to option when others are experiencing a water crisis. 


underground water tanks are a valuable addition to your home. You can install them in residential, industrial, and commercial properties. All you need is sufficient space, which depends on the size of your tank, and a professional installer to do the job for you.

Doesn’t Affect Exterior Décor

One challenge that people experience when purchasing above-ground tanks is finding an option that matches their existing décor. With such tanks, you have to choose a model that won’t appear out of place in your backyard. It should complement or match the rest of your exterior design.

Contrariwise, underground tanks are invisible after installation. As such, they don’t have any impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home. You won’t waste time looking for an option that fits your style – all you’ll care about is the storage capacity.

Environmental Conservation

As mentioned earlier, underground tanks conserve water that would otherwise have gone to waste as runoff. By doing this, they help conserve the environment since runoff water causes soil erosion. You can use this water for irrigation, cleaning, and other tasks.

Final Words

Besides helping you maximize how you use space, underground water tanks have several other benefits. They are safer, don’t affect your exterior décor, and help with environmental conservation. 

However, underground tanks have their shortcomings. First, they are expensive to install, as you have to pay for excavation. This also means that installations take longer than above-ground tanks. 

Second, they are more difficult to maintain. Imagine going below ground level to clean a tank – it’s tough!

Regardless, the pros outweigh the cons, making underground water tanks a worthwhile investment. 



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