Basic Facts about Brand Ambassador Staffing Agencies

Brand Ambassador Staffing Agencies

The term brand ambassador has gained serious recognition especially due to the spread of social media influence. Most organizations now look for someone who has significant following especially online to be the face of their brand. This person helps to promote their goods and/or services.                                                                                                However, this is not to say that the position of a brand ambassador is a new phenomenon in the business world; it has been in existence for a long time. The only difference is that just as with every other profession and vocation, the internet has helped to make it more popular.                                                                                                                           We know that these days, many organizations outsource the hiring of staff to agencies. This is a smart move because these agencies are already equipped with all that it takes to help fill vacant positions with the right hands. When it comes to hiring brand ambassadors, an organization may get it wrong by just looking at the popularity of an individual. This is because it is not everyone that is popular that would be a good fit for every organization. That is why brand ambassador staffing agencies are there to help each organization get the right fit for them. 

How Do Brand Ambassador Staffing Agencies Work

These agencies have developed systems through which they screen candidates to get the best hands. And when you reach out to them, they have criteria that they employ to get the right fit for your company. 

Below are some of the qualities that they look out for in the candidates:- 


The candidate must be experienced in marketing and public relations. They must be able to convince people to buy into a brand without being obnoxious. One of the traits of a good rep is that they make people buy into the brand without feeling as if they have been coerced into doing so. Some people would even think it was their idea in the first place. 

Great Personality 

A good rep should be one who is friendly and personable; they should be approachable. This means that they are not snobbish neither do they put on airs when people approach them. This is very important because most companies have campaigns to launch new products or promote existing ones. 

To this end, everyone involved in the campaign is always expected to be every ready and willing to talk to people about the product. They have to always be friendly while doing this.  This site enumerates the personalities that a salesperson must have: These traits also come in handy in a brand ambassador because they are part of the sales team. 


When we talk of professionalism, we are talking about one displaying skill, good sense of judgement and appropriate behaviour as expected in their field of endeavour. This also refers to keeping to the code of conduct or standard that’s required in a particular profession. 

So we can see that it doesn’t mean that the person should be all formal and stuck up but that the person always plays by the rules of the profession. This means that the person cannot be a drama king/queen. H/she cannot throw tantrums or decide on which campaign to show up for and which one to ignore. Many celebrities have been known to display such behaviours that is why the staffing agencies would usually look out for track record of professionalism 

Sales Oriented

The successful candidate is one who must be focused on helping the organization get great returns on investments. H/she must be willing to work assiduously to improve/increase the sales of whatever product/service that they rep. 

How To Choose The Right Brand Ambassador Staffing Agency

We acknowledge that the place of these staffing agencies is crucial to the success of a company; but how can an organization know the right agency to hire? 

We would say that the most important factor to consider before hiring an agency is to look at its track record. Check out all the brand ambassadors that it has hired for other companies and measure the success rate. There are a lot of recruiting agencies that would make bogus promises but at the end of the day, fail to deliver. 

This is why it is important for you to look beyond a beautiful proposal or presentation and ask for referrals. These testimonials speak a great deal more than proposals or resumes. 

Another thing to consider is the terms of engagement. Find out what happens if a rep bails out in the middle of a campaign. Also consider the terms of payment; whether you pay the ambassador directly or you pay to the agency. This is necessary because some agencies may collect substantial fees and then pay the reps peanuts. This would surely impact the output of the rep. 

Check out this article to see how remuneration affects work performance. 


Every organization that wants to be in the face of its target audience needs a brand ambassador. But just as with other positions in a firm, it is easier to outsource the task of hiring a rep to an agency. We hope the information shared here would contribute to the information cache that would come in handy when you go shopping for an agency.


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