Why You Should Consider Visiting Sacramento

Visiting Sacramento

The first thing people think of when they hear about California are the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Many mistakenly think that LA is the capital of California. This has been contributed by the glamorous perception of the city that is portrayed by the media and Popular Culture. The capital of California is Sacramento. It’s a city that holds great importance to not only the state of California but also to the entire United States. You can find plenty of awesome things to do in Sacramento with the city being very welcoming to the United States locals and foreigners alike. The city is full of breathtaking landscapes and historic sites. It’s a family-friendly destination with glorious sunshine and a great opportunity for adventure. There are numerous compelling reasons why you should be visiting Sacramento. If you have been skeptical about this travel destination, here are some compelling reasons why you ought to visit California’s capital.  

Fun Water sport Activities

The city is surrounded by the American River and the Sacramento River that attract tourists from far and wide especially during summertime. If you’re a fan of water sport, then this is a place you should consider adding to your itinerary. Many love to kayak to explore the courses of the two rivers as they meander in the city. 

Boating is yet another fun activity you can opt to venture into. Whether it’s riding jet skis or going on a gentle cruise, the two rivers won’t disappoint. If taking on water sports isn’t your forte then you can choose to traverse the adventurous trails besides the rivers. You can choose to bike, jog, or walk the trail that stretches approximately 30 miles. 

Touring Museums

A great place to learn about Sacramento’s history and culture are its numerous museums. You can find all sorts of historical information you’ll need to know about the city. The California State Capitol Museum is a great place to visit if you’re looking to find more information about the Sate and how some of its laws were formulated.  

The California State Railroad Museum is usually a popular spot for history lovers. You can find railroad cars and trains that were used in the 1860s. If you’re lucky you can get a train ride that only operates at specific times. 

The California Automobile Museum is for those who are vintage car fanatics. Visiting this museum will turn you into a little kid as you will be stunned by the150 plus vintage cars. Some of these racing cars date back to 120 years. 

Music Celebrations

The city of Sacramento has something to offer to all music lovers. The Sacramento Music Festival is among the biggest events that normally take place in the summer. It’s usually a four-day event and can have up to 100 performances by various musicians and dancers. The Concert in the Park is yet another event that is bigger than the Sacramento Music Festival. It usually takes 12 weeks beginning in May and concluding in July. 


Most people like to travel to big cities mainly to explore their nightlife. Sacramento is a city that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to night entertainment. If you want a more relaxed place, then the bars in Old Sacramento would be the most ideal place for you. However, if want to explore the more lively clubbing culture, then the midtown nightclubs are the places you want to be in.    

Unique Ways Of Celebrating Holidays

Everything in Sacramento tends to stand out, including how the city celebrates special holidays. Fall is the perfect time to explore the vast orchards. As soon as fall comes to a close, the Dovewood court helps to usher in the festive season in style. All the houses are decorated extravagantly with impeccable Christmas lighting which helps in evoking the festive mood.  

Sports Games

Sports is a huge industry in the US bringing in billions of dollars in revenue every year. The Sacramento Kings is a team that has a massive fan base in the state. If you choose to attend one of their games, be sure to put on the team jersey or at least anything purple to show your support for the basketball team. 

Coffee Culture

The coffee culture is one of the few things that boasts of having a worldwide following. Traveling to Sacramento will put you in the front row seat to witness where some of the finest coffee in the world is being grown and brewed. The city has numerous independent coffee houses that have given rise to a string of coffee shops and cafes. If you are a person who craves coffee as soon as you wake up, then Sacramento is a place you’ve to visit. It offers a novel experience that is far from Starbucks. 

Packaging For Your Trip To Sacramento

What you choose to pack for your trip will ultimately depend on the number of days you will be visiting Sacramento as well as the activities you intend to participate in. If you’re planning to go during the summer then you’ll need to pack a lot of light clothes. Carrying sunscreen will also help to protect your skin given the prolonged summer heat and sunshine. 

If you’re interested to go for hikes, then a pair of comfortable hiking shoes would be necessary. These types of shoes are specifically made to eliminate any chances of hurting your feet as you traverse treacherous terrains.  

For those who love shopping, it is advisable to leave ample room in your luggage to accommodate the new items that you would have bought when touring the city. Carrying nice memorabilia would be great as it would always remind you of your trip. 

Final Thought

Sacramento is a very beautiful and interesting place to visit in the United States. Although the place hasn’t received much recognition when compared to Los Angeles or San Francisco, it sure has a lot of things to offer. The next time you’re planning on visiting California, be sure to include the city of Sacrament o your itinerary. It surely won’t disappoint. 


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