How Popularity Of Esports Events Have Overshadowed Other Gaming Events In The Recent Years

Popularity Of Esports Events

The esports events London has seen tremendous growth in recent years in terms of revenue and viewership. The increase in viewership is the primary reason to bring more revenue. By seeing the potential growth of esports events London reaching large audiences, several brands both directly and indirectly are interested in esports marketing. Hence, with the brands now investing, it has contributed to the rapid revenue growth of the esports gaming industry. The esports events London have also seen growth in several other things, as they are interrelated. Thus, if you wish to know more about the popularity of esports events, you should visit Cool Down.

What is eSports?

Electronic sports are known as esports. It is a type of competition in which professional players either play in a team or individually. Competition usually occurs in multiplayer settings because there are potential rewards/ cash prizes awarded to the winning team or players at the end of the tournament.

Growing viewership of eSports 

In 2016, there was a significant increase in the viewership of esports. It happened due to both enthusiasts that are viewers who watch esports regularly and occasional viewers. From 2018 to 2019, the views increase to about 12.3% in just one year. And in 2019, there were 198 million enthusiastic and 245 million casual viewers, which come to a total audience of 443 million. 

But, in 2020 February, the yearly growth slightly dropped to 11.7%. However, it’s still a sizable increase. In 2020, there were 223 million enthusiastic and 272 million occasional viewers, and it comes to a total growing audience of 496 million. It is by far half a billion viewers/followers of esports games. 

However, as per Newzoo’s recommendations, in 2023, the annual growth rate will be around 10.4%. They are also hopeful that the casual viewer’s number will increase to 351 million. They also suggest esports enthusiasts will grow up to 295 million. Hence, it makes a total of 646 million viewers. Currently, Newzoo has also released statistics showing the growth of the European audience viewing esports. In 2018, the total European audience for esports was 79 million, which grew in 2019 to 86 million, and in 2020 it reached 92 million. 

Now that you have seen the tremendous growth in esports viewership, it is expected to have more views in the coming years. However, the viewership isn’t only limited to dedicated esports followers/fans, but there is an increasing number of views from casual viewers. It results in increasing access to the internet that has created awareness about esports. However, some viewing platforms like YouTube and Twitch have also seen a rise in the views from their users. It is also a factor that helps in the audience growth of esports. 

Growing awareness about eSports

The primary reason why you have noticed a growth in esports viewership is that more and more players are learning about it. Since 2015, there is tremendous growth in viewership which is continuing till today. (  


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