Is Love Moschino A Premium Brand?


Is Love Moschino A Premium Brand? Dialling it up to Ten Scott upped the stakes by magnifying key themes of democratic irreverence to the max. Born in the states and determined to become a designer from his early days before living rough in Paris to realise his dream, the Scott/Moschino aesthetic is as much informed by necessity (to find beauty in the mundane and to reproduce it from whatever is available, while also questioning its actual value) as by a keen understanding of what looks hot. For bags, the Love Moschino quilted backpack or Quilted purse emphasize a fascination the brand has with the faux lux of vegan leather padding.

Padding itself plays on themes of excess and comfort. And while artificial leather can never completely match the real calf or sheepskin rendering for look, texture and durability, polyurethane is arguably the way towards a non-animal based and environmentally friendly fashion future. Expect even proto luxury brands to follow suite eventually. Mario Valentino purses retail for around £100 compared to starting prices in the £400 range for a Moschino version (in lambskin or sheepskin). Expect similar price differentials with Love Moschino Crossbody bags. The question you’re essentially asking yourself is how much are you willing to pay to precisely replicate a runway look? Money Matters Love Moschino prices are on the relatively low side. By way of comparison, a Love Moschino Heart Logo clutch bag weighs in at around £100, while a quilted Moschino variant can reach upwards of £750. Likewise a Love Moschino Quilted shoulder bag arrives at below £200, while a quilted and laminated biker bag clearly justifies its £1,300 price tag even if it’s a little gauche for some.

The point is that with Moschino you’re getting a high concept look that either takes a devil-may-care attitude, an ever-open bank account or a great stylist to pull off properly. With Love Moschino, you’re not getting quite the same level of envelope-pushing, bestowed-from-fashion-week stylishness, or the same level of high quality materials and stitching. But you’re getting close in fun and irreverent designs at a fraction of the price that clearly fall from the same tree, even if the fruit isn’t quite as sweet. As a starting point, why not go with Love Moschino backpacks which are on par with Michael Kors – a little more subdued than their elder sibling, but seriously do you really want to spend £1,500 to carry your apple juice? Equally, Love Moschino Tote bags are better suited by price and design to shopping trips than very nice but ultimately superfluous Moschino versions.


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