Important things to know before choosing a vet for your pet

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If you consider getting a pet, or you already got one, remember that the most important part of the journey is to choose a perfect vet for your pet. Find yourself someone practicing close to your home and one you can ultimately trust your pet with. You are bound to make a couple of visits to the vet now and then, whether it’s for regular check-ups and vaccinations, or emergencies.

Take your time in choosing the right vet, and don’t forget to do your research, ask for recommendations, and consider all aspects of raising a pet. Many people don’t bother with such details and end up having trouble communicating with their vet, harming their furry friend. Keep in mind that owning a pet is a blessing, but also a huge responsibility. Inform yourself well on how to take care of them whether it’s related to health, food, or toys. Below are some important things to look out for when choosing a vet for your cute new buddy.

Location and working hours

The first thing we need to consider when getting a new pet is a vet clinic. Most importantly look for the best vet clinics near you and look up their working schedule to make sure it matches yours. Think about the possibility of an emergency and how much time you will need to get to the clinic. 

Next thing, check out their website to see what they are offering. Do they have a pet insurance plan? Do they provide all the necessary services such as vaccination, wellness exams, dental care, lost pet microchip ID, or surgical services? Once you’ve researched their website, call for an appointment to meet the staff and check out their facilities. Also, if you decide on that particular vet clinic, bring your furry friend later to meet the staff so that it will get used to them and the facility.


When choosing a vet clinic for our new family member, it’s also best to ask for personal recommendations from family, close friends, or acquaintances. But, you can also consider looking up animal welfare organizations like pet shelters, animal rescue groups, grooming salons, and many more. You can even search some reviews online about popular vet clinics, and that might help with your decision-making. 

Another thing to note when asking for a recommendation is to know what you are looking for and ask those questions, whether it’s a particular veterinarian, the location of the vet clinic, the staff, their rates, or some other questions that pop up in your mind. Along with the recommendations from friends and online search, make sure that the vet clinic is accredited because this might ease your mind and help you make a choice.

Vet costs and pet insurance

Please don’t forget to consider the costs and pet insurance plan when choosing a vet. This is a crucial part of the search. Most clinics probably take credit cards, and some of them might offer payment arrangements when dealing with emergencies. If it doesn’t fit your budget, don’t be afraid to ask for other options or referral to clinics that can match your preferences. 

Another important thing we mentioned is the pet insurance plan. Educate yourself on how pet insurance works and where to get it. Having insurance will help with managing the bills and emergencies that might occur. Of course, there are different levels of reimbursements or coverage, so don’t forget to ask your insurance provider for more detailed information. And remember to consider buying pet insurance within 6 months after adopting, because no pet insurance company will cover a pre-existing condition.  

Schedule a visit to the vet clinic

This will be a good way for you to meet the veterinarians and staff and see them in action. Make a plan to optimize your time and minimize stress. Prepare a list of questions you consider important and don’t forget to ask them. One important thing to consider is not to feel pressured. Usually, some people feel pressure when they are being offered something that they are not sure about, and in some cases, they end up accepting something they don’t want. For you to avoid this be calm and speak up, and only ask the questions you are interested in. 

Don’t forget to check the facility and their equipment. See how they deal with situations while you are in there, whether you’ll feel safe or afraid to bring your pet for a check-up or some emergency. Familiarize your pet with the clinic so it won’t be afraid when visiting.

How they handle emergencies

Always remember to inform yourself about how the vet clinic works with emergencies as well as after-hours emergencies. When these situations occur it is best to have a vet clinic that works 24/7, or at least offers its services and is available at all times. There are plenty of vets that can only help through phone calls, walk you through simple first aid, or refer to a local emergency clinic that might only accept its clients. 

Many scenarios can happen, and that’s why it is very important to know their emergency care plan. It is always good to know some of the emergencies that require immediate vet care. Also, it doesn’t hurt to know how to be prepared before an emergency strikes – don’t delay, don’t play doctor, protect yourself, and do your research. Many people panic in emergencies, so don’t forget to stay calm, your pet is in pain but you are not (or at least not physically).      


Pets are a man’s best friends. No doubt they make us happy and give us unconditional love. They are our companions and family members. Once you get a pet and learn all the joys they bring, you have to consider taking care of them the right way. 

Besides giving them delicious and healthy food, choosing fun toys for them to play with, or taking them on long walks, we also have to look for a trustworthy veterinarian that will take care of their health when we can’t. There are plenty of problems that pet owners encounter when choosing the right vet, and sometimes doing a little research and reading more about the topic helps us stay informed.                            



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