10 Best Cocktails to order in Sweden Casinos

Cocktails to order in Sweden Casinos

Visiting a land-based Online Cricket Betting ID is an experience in itself. Usually, there is a dress code that already gives festivity to the occasion. Then there is the pleasant lounge music, the staff and waiters in fancy uniforms, the demanding tapestry and the whole glitz and glamour of casinos. So, it makes sense that you wouldn’t order the cheapest canned beer or tap water at the bar, right?

Many wonder what to order to look classy and blend in with all the fancy people and besides, to try to have a good time. In this piece, Dominic Andreasson shared his knowledge with us on popular casino drinks. Dominic – whom you can read more about here – is a Swedish iGaming expert and knows the casino business inside and out. 

Cocktails vs beer and soft drinks

If you are a beer guy, we understand that you don’t want to go for a sweet cocktail so there is no harm in ordering a beer but do it in style. Opt for an international label such as Stella Artois or Corona or a fancy crafts beer or IPA. Chances are that the casino won’t have any canned drinks, but even if they do, don’t go for those. 

Those who don’t like drinking at all, don’t have to feel obliged to order a drink with alcohol in the casino. Ask for a club soda or tonic water with a slice of lemon and you will look as fancy as those with a Martini glass. 

Sweden operates 4 land-based casinos and all belong to the Cosmopol group. You will find a well-stocked bar in each, but remember that drinking too much and gambling can have disastrous consequences on your bankroll. 

Can’t be bothered to dress up and parade around with fancy drinks? Why don’t you play at one of the casinos from our list that offer casino bonus utan insättningskrav? You can play from the comfort of your home and drink whatever you would like.

10 best cocktails

Dry Martini 

Dry Martini has to be the most popular casino drink. This is the choice of beverage James Bond orders – shaken, not stirred. Dry Martini is 6 parts gin and 1 part dry vermouth and it can be served with either olive on a toothpick or a slice of lemon. The signature glass is stemmed with an inverted cone bowl to help the drink air better. 


This Mexican cocktail is for those who don’t like sweet drinks but are fans of tequila. The drink consists of 10 parts tequila, 4 parts triple sec, and 3 parts lime juice and has salt around the rim of the glass to add a bit of savoury favour to the drink. It can come with small ice cubes, crushed ice or without ice. 

Piña Colada

This tropical and sweet cocktail is a very popular drink in casino. It doesn’t have too much alcohol so you can sip on it for a long time without the risk of getting drunk. The drink has 1 part of white rum, 1 part of coconut cream, and 3 parts of pineapple juice. 

Bloody Mary

This famous hangover remedy is also a very popular casino drink. It calls for 3 parts vodka, 6 parts tomato juice, a few drops of Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, Tabasco and salt. Bloody Mary is another great option if you are not a fan of sweet drinks. 


This Cuban cocktail is the favourite of many women (and men). Mojito is a refreshing drink of white rum, sugar, mint, lime, and soda water served in a tall glass full of ice. 


Mixing more than two ingredients together can lead to quick drunkenness. Screwdriver is a safe and simple option for a cocktail with only two ingredients: vodka and orange juice. Tip: if you want to avoid getting the cheap booze, ask for a Smirnoff and orange juice. 

Gin & Tonic

Another two-ingredient classic. Gin & tonic is bitter and much less sweet than most other cocktails. You can let the bartender know what ration the gin and the tonic should be in your glass and if you want it on ice or not. 

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre is a very easily drinkable cocktail and for sure, all Coke-lover’s favourite. The sugar and the caffeine will keep you going for a long time so try not to drink too much and risk all your money at the blackjack table. 

Bailey’s on the Rocks

This smooth, sweet, and creamy liqueur is based on Irish whiskey. It is a perfect after-dinner drink when you are too full for dessert. Order it with lots of ice and as it melts it will dilute the drink so you can enjoy it for a long time. 

Mai Tai

Mai Tai is a Tiki cocktail and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should. It consists of rum, Curaçao liqueur, orgeat syrup, and lime juice. This is more of a fancy cocktail than the ones above and it requires certain cocktail skills to prepare so not all bartenders will be able to make it properly. 


You should celebrate your casino visit with a proper drink in your hand. Our advice is to go for one of the above-mentioned cocktails. You will find both sweet and savoury ones on our list, some with more alcohol than others.


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