5 Tips to Manage Your Stuff during Home Remodeling

Manage Your Stuff

Have you planned out your dream home renovation project yet? If yes, then it’s a great way to add value and creativity to your house and give it a refreshing look. However, home remodeling looks attractive only when it is done perfectly and you try to manage you stuff neatly.Everything else before that is utterly chaotic and dramatic. All that clutter and lack of space can force you to restrict yourself to a single room of your house. 

The hard truth is that there will always be too much stuff in your house and a little less space. The reality comes crashing down, especially when that much-awaited home remodeling project is coming to fruition. Perhaps, if you knew a few magic tricks, managing and storing stuff during that much-needed renovation could be stress-free for you.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to get some handy tips to manage your belongings during a home remodeling. So, let’s begin! 

1. Consider Using Self-Storage

The dilemma of keeping your essential items during a remodel is that you don’t want them in your way but also want to keep them accessible at the same time. Most people feel it difficult to keep their home essentials safe and secure from any damage. It is where storage units can be of great convenience to take some clutter off your home and make space for your remodeling plans. The most amazing thing about self storage units is that they are safe, come in various sizes, and offer different facilities such as climate control, insurance, and more. Besides, you can get these easily in your set budget.

However, before getting into the hectic business of remodeling your house and choosing the best storage options, make sure to sort everything out. Also, it is best to figure out things that can be moved out and needed within the premises before keeping them in storage units. Decluttering may seem tiring and endless, but it is also the best way to deal with the entire process. So, whether you are remodeling a single room at a time or the whole house altogether, you can clear out as much stuff as you like. 

Similarly, refrain from stuffing everything without organizing the items first if you want to get the most of your storage unit. Make a layout plan of your storage space and sort items into different boxes. Focus on the items placed in rooms that will be remodeled first. 

2. Utilize Space in Basement or Attic 

There are plenty of options besides storage units when it comes to managing your belongings during a home renovation. In case you prefer not to part with your belongings, better clear some space in the attic, the basement, or a spare room. Even though it will require more effort than storing in a unit, but at least all your essentials will be in your home. 

For a hassle-free transfer of things to your basement or any other storage space, start by either using separate cardboard boxes or stackable bins for each room. Make sure all the boxes are well-labeled and stacked in order of need. Even though designating a space for storage in your home is cost-effective, it is not a permanent solution. Moreover, if you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions, then make sure your items aren’t exposed. 

3. Try Using Portable Containers

Do you want the luxury of moving your stuff out of the way of renovation while also keeping it safe on-site? If yes, then a portable container is just the thing for you. Portable storage containers are a convenient temporary option where a company drops them off in your driveway. You can rent these units to keep your essential items in them until the remodeling is done. This way, you cannot only get rid of the bulky stuff in your house but also prevent them from any possible damages. The only downside to a portable storage unit is that they are not climate-controlled. So, better not to store any sensitive items such as electronics or any other valuable items in them. 

4. Using Rolling Racks for Clothes 

The biggest hassle of home remodeling is that you constantly need some stuff you are putting away, especially clothes. As you move on from one room to another, you’ll find yourself in a continuous cycle of loading, unloading, and folding tons of clothes. Is there an easy solution? Of course!

Instead of storing your hanging clothes in boxes, get rolling racks for moving clothes from one place to another. It is the best way to get your clothes organized and accessible. Rolling racks especially come in handy when you have particular plans, such as adding a walk-in closet or remodeling the old one. 

5. Simply Get Rid of the Junk

Think of renovating your house as an opportunity to sort through all your belongings and finally acknowledging unnecessary items as trash that take up much-needed space. If you are struggling with shuffling things around and finding space for storage, consider eliminating the unnecessary or unused stuff. You can always choose to put such items in storage units, but it’s best to keep your junk for sale rather than tucking it away. You can hold a garage sale and earn some side cash, while if you don’t want to deal with it, you can always give stuff away or donate them. 

Wrap Up

Putting your renovation plan in action is a rare opportunity for many. However, it wouldn’t be great if your dream project becomes a source of constant stress and work for you. The hassle is mainly due to managing the stuff around the house and deciding what to do with it. If you want the easy way out, then self-storage units are a great option. You can also opt for portable containers or make some space in your garage or basement. We hope that the above tips are helpful for you to indulge in this task in a hassle-free way.


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