4 Creative design Ideas for odd shaped rooms

design Ideas for odd shaped rooms
Whether you have just bought a new property or have just moved into one, no one can doubt that the most exciting part of the move is designing your rooms. Though, as with many things in life, this is not always straightforward. Unless you have just moved into the most uniform newly built property, you are likely to have what seems like wasted space in odd-shaped rooms. This article will give you a Creative design Ideas RentEasy Management in Chesapeake says you should consider for odd shaped rooms and how to utilize these spaces.


One way to immediately brighten up any property is to revitalize the flooring. Whether this is stripping it back to old-school wooden flooring or making the room inviting and cozy with soft, luscious carpets. When looking to purchase flooring or floor furnishings, the seller will often ask for strict square measurements. Unfortunately, rooms don’t always come in these shapes.

One way around this is to seek out other options such as custom area rugs, that will cover your flooring without fitting to the traditional shapes and sizes. Whether you want your rug or other flooring shaped around a fireplace or bay window, options like these give you the chance to cover the space without lots of wastage or placing the furnishings at unusual angles. 

Storage, Storage, Storage

One of the banes of unusually shaped rooms is that they often seem to have little space to store anything. They may be unable to accommodate regular furnishings such as wardrobes and drawers because of the shape of the room or lack of space. However, you mustn’t fight the room, go with it. 

Look for custom pieces of furniture, or make your own, that occupy the space you have available. This can result in not only making the most of your space but quirky conversation pieces. Things like desks built into wall alcoves or fit drawers into walls to ensure that you don’t lose out on any extra space that you have in the room. 

Making a second level

This may only be an option for some people. Often smaller rooms have much higher ceilings to not box in the person staying in the room. Whilst many people often let this space go to waste, it can be utilized. If you have the know-how you could build an extra “room” in the space above. Not only is this a great idea for a children’s room, but it also makes the entire space more accessible. It will require some technical know-how but can look amazing for any homeowner out there. 


Something to be aware of is that not every room needs to be balanced. There is often something within us that demands that everything is the same all the way around, however, this can mean losing out on space that is there. If you get rid of the balance and just design the room, you can often fit more in, and the conviction with which you do it will make the room look great. 

Odd-Shaped Rooms

All properties have them, but you shouldn’t fear them. These rooms allow you to be creative with the space and experiment with ideas you wouldn’t be able to in a conventional room. Be inventive and think outside the box.


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