How Gua Sha has Become Popular in the US

Gua Sha popular

Eastern medicine alternatives like Gua Sha have become popular in the United States for the past few years. This influence has started to roll over into the beauty industry as well.

What is Gua Sha?

The latest craze to hit the US beauty industry is the ancient eastern practice of Gua Sha.

It is a technique of facial massage that can be traced back to the Ming dynasty. When people first started using this technique they would use antlers and spoons for their tool.

This was very abrasive and caused a lot of bruising, the results were so amazing that people did not mind the bruising. Thankfully over time, they realized that flat and polished stones could be used as a Gua Sha tool and make the process a lot less painful.

Benefits of Gua Sha

Using a Gua Sha tool is a lot easier on your skin than an antler but some people still experience slight soreness or bruising after a Gua Sha treatment, but several benefits make the process worth any momentary discomfort.

  • Illuminate skin
  • Minimize inflammation
  • Minimize puffiness
  • Temporarily tightens skin
  • Improve collagen production
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Minimize dark circles
  • Relax tightness
  • Contour facial muscles
  • Promote lymphatic drainage

How to Choose a Gua Sha Tool

Now that you know all the benefits of Gua Sha it is time for you to start shopping for the tools you need to practice this facial massage at home. You will want to purchase a nice facial oil to use with your Gua Sha tool.

When you are looking for a Gua Sha tool you want to make sure you purchase a tool made out of natural stone. It is important to not purchase anything made out of synthetic materials. The best stone to use for this tool is Agate. Agates promote the energy of calmness and harmony. 

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing your Gua Sha tool is to make sure that each side of the stone has a different shape. This allows you to have different shapes to use on the different parts of your face. 

How to Use Your Gua Sha Tool

Before you start using your Gua Sha tool, make sure that you clean your face thoroughly. To get the best result from your face massage you will need to make sure you start with a completely clean face.

Once your face is clean, put a quarter size amount of oil into your hand and rub it all over your face and neck. Then make sure to hold your tool in between your thumb and index finger. You will start your massage on your neck. 

Your strokes should go out and up. Once you get to your jawline follow your jawline around to your ear and then slide down your neck. This helps to open up your natural drainage system. If this is not completely clear you can find several tutorial videos online.

Once you get to your face you will start in the center of your face and use motions that go out and up. Be very careful with the skin under your eyes. This part of your face is extremely sensitive and you need to take extra care not to damage it. Make sure to find videos about Gua Sha online to improve your technique.

To Conclude

Gua Sha has become popular in the states because of all the benefits and it is easy to perform at home. Now that you know those benefits you need to purchase a Gua Sha tool immediately so you can start to reap all of the benefits. People will be stopping you on the streets to know your secret before you know it. 



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