Top 3 Best Jobs to handle your anxiety better

Jobs to handle anxiety

 Over 40 million people in the US were dealing with anxiety. Almost over 18% of youngsters in the age of 18 -20 are dealing with anxiety. At a young age, dealing with anxiety is very sensitive since they are in the stage of finishing studies and starting with a career. Those people suffer a lot in the workspace with social anxiety, and they are always stuck with their shells. Even they can’t show their good pieces of stuff in the workplace because of this issue. So here are the best jobs for people with anxiety; if you are one of them hope this helps you and guides you in setting your profession.

What is Social Anxiety? 

Anxiety is something purely related to your mind; it is a state of mind to which the body reacts. For example, the feeling feared and stressed while going for a job interview or even meet new people is called Anxiety, like being introvert. When a person feels anxious they will start to experience all kinds of negative thoughts like fear or panic. It’s in your hand to overcome the feelings of anxiety. Being socially anxious and working in a group will make the situation worse. Finding the right job which makes you feel positive and calm will help you to handle your issue better.

  1.  Writer 

Being a solo always allows you to be most creative. Writing is the first and better job you can start with. There is no need to work in a group, so you can work under less stress. Most time will be spent in research and drafting effective write-ups.

Work mode: 

  • Freelancing from home.
  • work for a company from home.
  • Publishing own-eBook

Education :

  • Any bachelor degree
  • Any degree in English, communication, journalism.
  • With high school education and good English grammar.

How to get started :

  1. Complete your bachelor’s degree in any field, preferably English, journalism.
  2. Even with basic school completion, English grammar and writing skill is enough.
  3. Get certification for writing also helps in getting better jobs.
  4. Do internships online and blog.
  5. Find clients online and freelance.
  1. Web Developer 

The software field pays for your programming skills, not for your communication skill. So this is another field that suits you best. These days web developers are always in demand. Most of your time will be in front of a computer in writing code and debugging. 

Work mode:

  • Freelancing 


  • Bachelor degree in computer science 
  • Course-related to computer programming.

How to get started:

  • Degree in computer science, information technology-related fields 
  • Learn coding languages from basic C, C++ to one specialized computer language.
  • complete training, take the test and get certifications in your expertise area.
  • Stay updated according to the field.
  1. Professional pet caretaker:

If you are someone who enjoys animal company instead of a human, this one for you. There is a lot of scope in this field too. You can communicate with your client through mail or text.

Work mode:

  • From locals through online or friends.
  • A FB or Instagram page.


  • An animal-loving kind heart
  •  High school diploma 
  • For an advanced job, a degree in biology or animal science 

How to get started:

  • Basic school education or diploma.
  • You will get to know about your work once you start to work.
  • Acquiring a degree related to this field will increase your career scope.

Conclusion :

We provided here are the best jobs for people with anxiety. These are our top picks; you can find a wide range of jobs related to your skill. Start to work in your comfort zone will help you in increasing your confidence level. This can help you in overcoming your Social Anxiety gradually.


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