Free Tarot Card Reading Angels to Predict Your Future

Free Tarot Card Reading Angels

Tarot card reading is a session you cannot miss experiencing once in your lifetime. But with so many spams going around, it might be challenging to decide which one is accurate. So, today this blog will help you know everything about the free tarot card reading angels and more. Start scrolling down, and you will see how it benefits you and how you have to be cautious about it.

Types of cards

You might find many types of reading available in the market, which has no science behind them. But somewhere, it still has some importance.

Now, let’s find out the few famous cards and beliefs :

Angel cards

These are a pack of oracle cards that is full of motivational and inspirational phrases. These are primarily angels inspired. It can consist of anything between 36 to 100 cards. They are illustrated with spiritual images, angelic pictures, or maybe just some words.

These cards can be called happy cards since they do not scare you by showing anything scary other than tarot cards. Also, anybody can use angel cards as it is simple to read with the given instruction.

You may have inspirations, affirmations, or straightforward answers to guide you. The messages you see on these angel cards are primarily uplifting and positive. Anybody can use these from any age group, even kids. read more


Reiki is therapy mostly known as energy healing. The emergence of reiki happened in Japan. Now, this is hard to explain to you in scientific terms. Because it’s the aura and energy that does all the work here, it is a therapy that can work some by just transferring energy through laying hands. These people who practice reiki are called healers.

Some reiki techniques are clearing, centering, infusing, beaming, taking out harmful energies, etc.

Tarot card reading

Tarot card reading is something that most people think is just knowing the future. Well, that’s not how this works. Tarot card reading depends on a lot of things. For example, if you do not believe in this concept, it is nothing but a waste of time. But if you do believe, it can be a boon to your life.

It is a deck consisting of around 78 Arcana cards, and each of them has its symbolism, story, and imagery. The Major 22 cards represent life spiritual and karmic lessons. And the remaining 56 Minor cards represent the tribulations and trials that we all experience on our daily course.

Now in the Minor cards, 16 are Tarot Court Cards which represents different characteristics and personalities. The Minor cards include 40 cards organized and numbered, divided into four Suits having ten cards in each of them, which represents different situations that you encounter every day.

Free Tarot Card Reading Angels

How do we choose any pack?

Nowadays, you can find angel cards readily available from any crystal store, book shops, or even online shops.

You might be able to choose a pack purely by looking at the images or words. Pick a card randomly and try to ask questions. Do you find your card answering back?

Online shops offer images for you to select and get a feeling of how the cards work.

Just buy whatever suits you and start your imagination. And you can happily try it at home free tarot card reading angels at least before you spend on a psychic try yourself once.

Angel cards storing:

You can keep the cards where ever you want. There is no specific position or place to keep them. Store them in a box or put them in a basket. But make sure you store them where you can find them easily.

How to start

Once you have the pack check out all the cards, try to shuffle them, and be comfortable. There will be instructions available on the card box itself. So, it will tell you how to use it.

Angel cards give you guidance and thoughts directly from the guardian angels. You might even see a direct explanation give on the face of the pack for doing the reading.

How to do the readings:

Have you ever visited as a psychic? It is incredible to see the reader’s reading table. So neat, and everything is so organized in place.

Let’s see if you set up a free tarot card reading angels session at home what all you can do:

Many of the tables are topped with a glittery or fringed cloth or maybe a layer of fabric. It can be velvet or silk. They usually own an inherited, treasured material that works beautifully. However, when you are doing it at home, you can use a velvet shawl or a bedspread. You may pretty-looking scarves or anything that you think looks beautiful

You can even add a few crystals and put them on your table. Even fish tanks have a very positive effect on the ambiance. Some fresh flowers can also enhance the entire look of the room to calm the environment. You can even keep special stones in front of your reading table to empower you while reading.

Then you have some fantastic figurines that can be perfect for your table. You can add some fairies, animals, or even something spiritual. You may also prefer something natural like a pebble or shell. Moreover, you can even add something from your creation.

Candles can always add glamour to any place. Candles are perfect for any reading, but an angelic blue, lilac, special gold, silver, or pink candle can make a huge difference. Nowadays, you also get these scented which can give you an aromatherapy

There are also incense sticks available in the market with different scents. It is often believed that smell plays a vital role in such readings. It helps to pull the Angels closer.

Now it is just essential to make the area of reading look presentable and neat. Since you need to have a calm and cozy environment to do such readings, add anything that you feel will make the place beautiful. For instance, rice lights are beautiful and cost-effective.

Once your setup is ready, place the cards and start your reading with a fresh mind.

Free tarot card reading angels – The reading

It is very tempting to open the card box before you even start with the reading. So, before you start, you can try doing a little ritual like a prayer or something to empower your reading altogether. In Reiki healing, people generally draw symbols on top of every pack. Another belief is to put a crystal over each pile of cards before you begin with reading.

Below are the few crystals that can help to empower the reading:

  • Clear quartz helps to amplify the energy to get a straightforward reading of the cards.
  • Rose quartz is mainly used when you are reading about relationships, family, and love.
  • Amethyst is considered to be a psychic stone since it is believed that they help to show more findings on the reading.

Lastly, while you ask your angel questions, make sure you have an open and clear mind. So, you see, in a low key, this can help you get a free tarot card reading angels by yourself.

What is shuffling?

Shuffling is nothing but mixing up your angel or tarot cards, playing around with them.

Below are the few methods of shuffling:

Put the cards in the front and mix them by keeping them on your palm. Or the most common and traditional way is to cut the deck into two halves and putting the other half on top. Do it how many ever times you want.

Now select your card and read it. Try to derive the information from the message. It should be swift as it is all about thoughts. The first thing that comes in that instance is your actual message. You cannot think and speak. The ideas need to be out the moment you see the messge.

Another traditional way to shuffle the cards is by using the spread method. In this, you place the cards on your table face down. Here you select a meaning in advance for each of the cards and then turn and read them.


You can always create your meanings and patterns in angel or tarot readings; however, below few patterns might help you in the beginning.

Three cards

This is about your past, present, and future reading. The three cards kept in a single row means the closest one is your past, the middle one is your present, and the furthest represents your future. It would be best if you started with the past first, which shows everything that has happened. Then the middle one is about your current situation. Lastly, the furthest card will show the future to you.

Two cards

This is known as everyday reading. You need to place 2 cards face down, one crossing on top of the other. Now ask any question and then pull the bottom one first to know your answer. And the 2nd card is just additional guidance to help you discover how and where to get more answers.

Four cards

It is general reading which is most common. Lay the four cards like a square pattern. Now begin from your left to the right, starting from the top, card 1 is for love, now card 2 is for family, the 3rd card is for career, and the last card no. 4 is for money.

Now you can use any of the methods you feel is the correct one for you. But always remember that your gut instincts play a significant part here, which shows the accurate reading.

Also, always keep a record of your readings, with the date and time. So, in the mere future, you can always refer back to them to validate the accuracy.

At the end of the reading, session does not forget to thank your angels. It is essential always to acknowledge and count your blessings.

It might seem to be a bit difficult using these cards, but there is an exact way to do these readings. Moreover, it is all about practicing with good intent. Once you start reading it with a clear heart and love, you can never go wrong. Also, you have the instruction leaflet to help you in reading for the first time. And it’s always fun when you enjoy the work you do. You can start your free tarot card reading angels session for your friends and family during meet-ups.

Free Tarot Card Reading Angels

Tarot Vs. Angel cards

The difference between tarot and angel cards is quite a confusing matter. Many of you might still be wondering if both are the same thing.

Even over the internet, it is not clear about free tarot card reading angels.

Now, this might help you to clear your doubts on tarot and angel card readings. Firstly, both are cards have some similarities and differences. It is hard to say that they are similar or different.

Below are a few facts that may be helpful for you to look at:

  • Both the cards are used for guidance; however, angel cards depend on angelic entities, whereas tarot depends on intuition od sixth’s sense.
  • Angel cards are considered to be a very spiritual experience that tarot reading.
  • Tarot cards may represent some disturbing news and formidable challenges, but angel reading will uplift you by positive readings.
  • Angel cards never show you the upcoming troubles. It will just encourage and uplift you. There is also an angel message for the day available on the internet to motivate you.
  • You can predict love, career, health with the use of tarot cards. It shows the negative and positives.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, there are a lot of things that are beyond our understanding. Certain things do not have an answer. It is your wish and belief that makes it all-important. Science can never prove these things to you. The energy, intuition, and gut feeling are all that matter here.

Do you know you can ever build a career on this? The answer is yes. If you enjoy doing this, you need to start by giving a free tarot card reading angels session to your friends and families. And then, with practice and guidance, you can get yourself certified. So just get yourself a deck of cards and see if you like it.



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