5 Bedroom Looks for Spring 2021

Bedroom Looks for Spring

Here are some 5 Bedroom Looks for Spring 2021.

1. Yellow and Grey Sleeping Nest

“Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating” are the two colours Pantone called “the colours of 2021”. 

The selection of two independent colours highlights how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting, conveying the idea that it`s not about one colour or one person. It`s about more than one, says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute. 

Yellow is a colour associated with the sun, and it symbolises optimism, energy, joy, and happiness. After such a challenging 2020, I am sure we all need this. 

To get this look, you don`t need to paint all your bedroom walls in illuminating yellow. 

A yellow bed is guaranteed to help you rise with a sunshine state of mind, and it will create a stunning statement for your bedroom in an instance. 

Otherwise, you can simply keep your bedding grey and inject bold pops of yellow for your accent pieces, such as yellow throw pillows and a patterned rug with yellow tones incorporated. This will make you jump out of bed every morning full of energy.

2. The Pink Bedroom

When we talk pink, we don`t mean starting to paint your whole house in bold fuchsia. We think more about heart-warming pink hues and clever colour combinations that can create that restful space you`ll love.

Pink is thought to be a calming colour associated with love, kindness, and femininity. But that doesn`t mean pink is just for little girls. Pink saw a resurgence in popularity this year and can be an extremely versatile colour for any bedroom.

With a couple simple tricks, the look can be quickly grounded with a neutral floor and splashes of grey, which will give it a more grown-up feel. 

To create a cocoon you won`t want to leave, pick pretty peach shades for your beddings, and add a splash of contrasting denim blue when styling your bed for a crisp and clean look. 

Subtle colours sometimes need the pattern to give them interest, so feel free to throw in some floral prints for your cushion covers and a patterned rug to liven up the look.  

3. The White Sanctuary

If you are looking to create the ultimate tranquil space for resting, a simple white bedroom might be your best bet. White is a timeless choice for many of us and a calming backdrop for any style. 

White makes us think of purity and innocence, so choosing white for your bedroom will translate into elegance, cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. White is also associated with new beginnings and a fresh start, so what other better colour to infuse that spring feel? 

White works well with warm woods, and it creates the perfect backdrop for any other colours that you will choose for your bedroom accessories and accents. A white centerpiece will allow you to inject any eclectic elements to style your bed, bold colours, muted tones of sun-kissed hues.

Add depth in a white bedroom with pattern and texture. Choose accents of heart-warming textures, layers of luxury linen, and natural materials knit for your bed. Tactile soul-soothing surfaces will bring extra layers of comfort, while pom-pom and tassels will add a playful touch to this elegant look. 

With the right accessories, your bedroom can become the perfect place for resting your bones at the end of a busy day. The best thing about a white sanctuary is that you can always add seasonal shades to give the room a refresh, and it provides a look that can easily be updated regardless of the season. 

4. Earthy Tones Retreat

The earthy tones tend to be perceived as warm, reassuring, and settling, so a bedroom in these colours is an excellent response to our need to feel grounded, calm, and connected to nature.

An oak wooden bed frame, for example, can provide the perfect starting piece if you are after this look. Packed with rusts, warm greens, and cinnamon browns, this will create a comforting and welcoming cocoon. Just what we need from this year. 

A wooden bed will also work magic with burnt oranges, navy, and deep greys to add a little bit of depth and drama to your space.

Engage your senses with meaningful patterns, neutral textures, and calming fabrics, and don`t forget that any bedroom benefits from a much-needed playful element of colour. 

5. The Coastal Bedroom

Blue is a serene and calming colour that represents intelligence and responsibility. It can be cool and relaxing in a lighter shade, while in a darker hue, it can signify depth and power. 

Muted blues continue to be trendy colour choices for decorating for a spring or summer vibe. Thanks to its inheriting soothing and tranquil vibe, blue helps people feel more peaceful and fall asleep faster.

The coastal style is a fantastic way to incorporate shades of blue in your sleeping sanctuary by creating the calming effect of the waterside. Just perfect for a welcoming space of escape. 

A blue upholstered fabric bed, seascape wallpaper, and wall art reminding you of the sea or of a clear sky are perfect pieces if you are looking to create this vibe. 

You can choose to use between three and five shades of blue and combine them with whites and greys for the ultimate effect. 

To immerse yourself in a laid-back scheme inspired by the shore, make sure you choose coastal colours such as pebble grey, marine blue, and sand for your bedding. 

Rustic driftwood can be a fantastic choice for your bedside tables, while sisal and linen should be your to-go-to textures. 

The Bottom Line 

Before choosing your favourite spring colours and starting to redecorate, one thing is for sure. You should make sure your space is decluttered and organised.  And whatever the style of your choice, try to sprinkle in bright colours for a spring feel, decorate with flowers and add greenery to your space. 


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