Hobart Traveling Guide — Luxury vs Cheap Accommodation

Hobart Traveling

Traveling can be quite an experience, and it is something that almost everyone around the world wants to try doing at least once in their lives. It is something that many people expect to do during their vacations, because some way or another, it helps people escape from the monotony of their daily lives, release some of their pent-up stress, and change their scenery.

Going to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, can be one of those experiences so many people need, considering all the new stuff they can try over there, as well as all the sceneries they can share with their significant others. 

But a very important aspect of traveling is, of course, accommodation. Hotels are the ones providing us with a place to stay, and other commonly required services for a comfortable stay in a completely new place.

Besides a room and a comfortable bed to sleep in, hotels provide a place where we can take a bath, do our daily necessities like going to the bathroom or washing our teeth, and, on some occasions, getting breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

The amenities we get to enjoy from a hotel are commonly linked to the amount of money we paid for the service, but the star system can help you out determine this.

The Star System

A lot of people tend to have problems deciding which hotels to go to during their first trips, so this article is a guide to help you out decide whether to go for cheap accommodation or a luxurious one.

There are certain rules, like the ones over here, but we will discuss the most important aspects to consider.

Hotels are ruled by something we know as the start system, in which the more stars a hotel has, the more services and amenities you will find in it. Of course, this usually means that, the more stars, the more expensive it gets.

The system is judged from 1 to 5 stars, with 1 being the lowest, and 5 the highest score you can get from the system. There are certain rules for each category, but we will explain them in a simple way.

Also, have in mind that the start rate of the hotels is not directly linked to this like sanitation or the general cleanliness of the hotel. Stars solely determine the number of amenities and services the hotel can provide. 

1-Star: The Cheapest Accommodations

These are the cheapest hotels you can find and are well known for providing the bare minimum of things you might end up needing during a trip. 1-star hotels offer very modest rooms, often shared between residents, and might (or might not) count with bathrooms, since there are occasions in where you have to use shared bathrooms as well.

You won’t get any more than a room to sleep, a place to do your physiological necessities, and also, you might get simple meals. Besides that, nothing else is added to the plate.

2-Stars, Climbing the Service Ladder

They are pretty similar to 1-star hotels, but they add some extras to the mix. Some of these services include television, a phone, and on some occasions, free Wi-Fi. They are also more likely to have a dining hall with an on-site restaurant for you to enjoy their food without having to leave the place looking for a meal.

3-Star, A Great Middle Point

These hotels are the ones people recommend the most when it comes to traveling since they tend to be the best choices considering value x price. They are not only larger, but also much more stylish and aesthetically pleasing, making them more comfortable places for a stay.

The most important aspect of 3-star hotels is that they a much larger variety of services, including places to a dining hall with TVs, on-site restaurants, pools, exercising zones, room service, places for conferences, and valet services. 

Rooms also have TVs, might have calefaction or air conditioners depending on the zone, furniture, closets, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and cable. Also, they tend to be nearby commonly visited places or places that hold local attractions.

These, because of the number of services they provide and their pricing, are frequently picked by tourists as the perfect alternative for people who are happy with just a comfortable place to stay without luxuries.

For those who think that the experience of traveling is much more than the hotel they stay in, these are probably the best choice.

4-Stars, Walking the Path of Luxury

This is where things get a little luxurious. Commonly referred to as superior hotels, they are very large properties that count with specific areas for the reception, dining hall, bar, exercising area, and all the other areas that might be included in the services, from pools to jacuzzies and saunas. 

Apart from that, hotel rooms must have a bathroom with its towels, a clean bed with its sheets and pillows, closets, a safety lock, and a minibar for you to enjoy. Of course, free Wi-Fi, cable flat television, air conditioners, and heaters are also included in the deal.

Besides that, there are some standards a 4-star hotel must follow. One of them is their cleaning processes. Rooms should be cleaned every day, as long as the resident allows it. This includes sheets and bathroom towels.

The hotel must be open 24/7 as well, and it should provide certain necessities, like breakfast or dinner, free coffee, tea, hot water, among many other possible things to add. 

Some hotels have unique variations, but commonly found breakfasts include scrambled eggs, cereal with milk or yogurt, and toasts or sandwiches. In Hobart, breakfast and bread are heavily related, so you might find some hotels providing breakfast including croissants and other pastries.

Other aspects of a 4-star hotel are that they might have something special included in their services, occasionally for free. If you check out accommodation by MACq 01 Hotel, you’ll see that they often invite artists to play songs in their event room. Hobart is known for being a place of music, so it’s to no surprise.

5-Stars, the Peak of Luxury

A 5 star is very similar to a 4-star hotel, only better. Known for being the most luxurious hotels you can visit, they provide everything you might need, but with a little cherry added to the top. Besides all that was mentioned in the previous category, you will also get your very own butler or assistant to help you during your stay.

Occasionally, you will also enjoy the most beautiful rooms any hotel can have, shining in clean perfection, including your room, equipped with high-tech appliances for you to enjoy. This also includes, of course, the most delicious food you can get for breakfast and dinner, and you can also enjoy their gourmet restaurant if you want.

They are, for the most part, the most expensive, comfortable thing you can pay for, but not everyone has that huge amount of money, to begin with. Still, they are reserved for those daring to pay for an experience outside of traveling itself.


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