Medicinal cannabis from Royal Queen seeds: royal quality to be expected

Medicinal cannabis from Royal Queen seeds

Cannabis has been around for quite some time. The western world has widely used the plant for its pleasant and relaxing effects What most people call “the high”. Apart from this, the medical effects of the plant are also being recognized widely. Extensive research is going on the field to determine the number and the extent of cure that cannabis can provide. But the real question is, should you take cannabis as a medication. If yes, for what purpose, to what extent and where to get it from.

There are multiple online retailers to choose from when it comes to buying cannabis. RoyalQueenSeeds is one such platform which boasts of its large seed banks of undeniable quality. They provide an exhaustive range of medical cannabis with a detailed description of their usage.

Cannabis for treatment

Human body receptors work in a harmonious fashion in what we call the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is coordinated directly by the central nerve system. The ECS is largely responsible for ensuring that all organs in the body are working as they should be and raises an alarm if anything is amiss. Consumption of cannabis induces such components which impact the ECS directly aiding its function. This lays the groundwork for the numerous health benefits that cannabis can provide.

Cannabis seeds have a huge fiber content which aids in weight management and digestion. In this regard, it helps prevent colon and intestinal cancer.

Certain components secreted on the consumption of cannabis help dilate blood vessels thus taking off load from the heart and hence, reducing the risk of running into problems of high blood pressure and heart failures.

Certain skin ailments such as eczema may be prevented by the consumption of cannabis seeds. The fatty acids present such as Omega 3 and 6 help to keep the skin healthy.

Certain ongoing researches have shown that cannabis could also be prescribed for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Strains provided by Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds provide a specific strain called Stress Killer Automatic CBD for treatment of anxiety disorders. It is an autoflowering seed aimed to provide consumers with a functional and deep-focussed high. Autoflowers seeds are the easiest to grow blooming automatically after a specific duration. These seeds have an 11 weeks harvest period. Euphoria, another type sited by the Royal Queen Seeds which is most suited for people who suffer from social anxiety.

Types and experiences

Painkiller XL, as the name suggests is prescribed for the treatment of muscular pain. A detailed explanation of the content and medicinal properties of this strain can be found on the website of Royal Queen Seeds. Many other medicinal strains available are Dance of the World, Royal Highness, Royal Medic and a lot more. Each of them has its own unique characteristics. The effects of these herbs may vary from person to person. Hence, one should research thoroughly about the type and dosage before consumption.


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