6 Incredible Health Benefits of Drinking Whisky

Drinking Whisky

You may have heard many times about how whisky makes the perfect gift and how imbibing a glass of this heavenly liquor is the best way to chill after a long day at work, but probably not how it benefits your health. Yes—when consumed in moderation, whisky can offer an expanding list of health benefits. If that sounds a bit too hard to believe, just take a look at the following ways drinking whisky can actually help keep you in good shape. The Whisky Club, a whisky subscription in Australia, takes us through this:

It helps you shed a few pounds

It may not look like it, but whisky comes with relatively less amount of carbs compared to beer, sake, and wine—just about 0.1 in every 100 grams—so it makes the perfect drink if you are looking to slash down on carbs and slim down.

It helps reduce your risk of cancer

Just like wine, whisky contains a whole slew of antioxidants—the most essential of which is the ellagic acid, which works in sucking out all bad cells in your body that may cause cancer. This acid is one of your body’s ways of getting rid of the free radicals and rogue cells that boost your chances of developing the deadly disease and is commonly found in fruits. That means if you don’t have fruits at home, you can just take a sip of your favorite whisky and get the same amounts of antioxidants from fruits.

It helps prevent memory loss

Diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are caused by decreased blood flow to the brain, resulting in memory loss. While these are common conditions among the elderly, you can reduce your risk of developing them by consuming up to six portions of whisky in a week. Whisky does the trick by increasing blood flow to your brain, resulting in better brain function.

It helps cure the common cold

Did you know that when infused with honey, lemon, and hot water, whisky turns into a hot toddy and can actually cure your common cold? Yes, the whisky content of hot toddy works in opening up your blood vessels and aiding your mucus membranes in combating infection. Its antioxidants also help soothe your itchy throat, which is probably the worst part of catching a cold!

It promotes heart health

If you want a strong heart, take a glass of whisky every day. Just as the antioxidants found in whisky helps reduce your risk of cancer, they also work in reducing the amount of LDL in your blood vessels. LDL, more commonly known as bad cholesterol, build up in your blood vessels and arteries over time and may cause life-threatening conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

It helps you prevent diabetes

One of the reasons why whisky is a great drink for those who want to lose weight is because of its low sugar content. Even if you drink whisky every day, you can trust that your blood sugar will not spike up! Since it contains absolutely no fat and barely any sugar or carbs, it makes the perfect choice for people who have diabetes or are looking to reduce their risk of the developing the disease.


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