Learn about common terms and conditions attached to most casino bonuses

casino bonuses

How often do you check the terms and conditions before you hit ‘agree’ on a certain platform? Every business has a way of marketing its services. The common method is the use of freebies and discounts to attract customers to their products and services.

However, some of the free prizes always have conditions that the customers must adhere to. Failure to that, they end up being disqualified in the following promotional series. That’s a similar case in the casino industry. 

But just like the other businesses, they give the customers terms and conditions that they must abide by. Those who fail are subject to consequences. Sadly, the majority of the players ignore them and assume that everything is ok. That’s why we linked up with one of our experts Alexandra Nereng who elaborates here for us on the terms and conditions. 

What bonuses do casinos offer?

First, it’s crucial to know the types of bonuses you will find when you sign up for Norway online casinos. Below is a highlight of some of them.

Deposit bonus

When you join certain Online Cricket Betting ID, you will have to deposit funds to your account before getting any bonus. The first deposit will make you qualify for the casino deposit bonus if the site is not a no-deposit casino bonus.

After that, the casino will reward you with a deposit equivalent to the percentage of your deposit. Most casinos offer players a 100% bonus on their first deposit.

Welcome bonus

As the name suggests, you will first receive for simply signing up and agreeing to become part of a community. The welcome bonus casino will have some terms you must meet to utilise this bonus. It’s mostly matched with your first deposit or a series of deposits to your betting account. It is one of the most common types of bonuses that Norwegians get on mobilcasino.

Reload bonus

As you continue to play, you will make other deposits that will warrant the casino to add you more bonus on top of the welcome bonus you received after your signup. The prize is called the reload bonus. It is meant to cover the series of deposits you make to your account.

Free spins

The chances are that when a player joins a casino site, they don’t have proper bankroll nor the right skills to play. However, they don’t have to worry because there are free spins. They allow them to play various games without using their real money.

Free spins enable them to explore some of the games and also allow them to learn the ropes of casino gaming. The casino software determines who should get the free spins. They show that casino sites care about their new customers.

No deposit bonus

They don’t require you to make any deposits to the account. You only register the account and claim your free bonus. However, you must meet the signup criteria before you qualify for the bonus. The majority of the people have become fond of signing up to the sites to harvest bonuses and other freebies.

What are the terms and conditions of most casino bonuses?

After knowing the common casino bonus, you will get when you join your favourite Norwegian casino sites, it’s essential to know the policies allied to them. Go through this section keenly to understand better.

Validity period

Sometimes, casino companies must put time limits on the bonuses accrued by punters. When the time elapses, the prize gets retained by the gambling company. Fortunately, most companies usually notify their punters of impending deadlines to avoid inconveniences.

Bet limits

It’s the maximum amount that casino companies place to an individual player when wagering alongside a bonus. Some players misuse their bonus, making the casinos put a limit to prevent them from doing that.

Bonus code requirements

Most of the casinos require that once the bonus code has been redeemed, the play-through requirements be met before it’s redeemed again. Without that, the players will not be eligible for the next bonus.

Fortifying of any bonus leads to the removal of the subsequent ones. Therefore, no player should forfeit their bonus.

Above are the common types of bonuses that the players should know. Alongside are the terms and conditions that they must not forget about when utilizing them.


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