Ways to earn some extra money from side jobs

earn some extra money from side jobs
  1. Deliver mail

As a mail deliverer you can earn a nice amount. You can deliver mail 5 days a week or, for example, only on Saturdays. The nice thing about this job is that it is only 2-3 hours a day and you can be outside. Ideal for anyone who likes to get some fresh air and likes to be physically active. In addition, delivering mail is also a good way to work on your fitness / body. This way you can earn money and get in shape at the same time.

  1. Deliver parcels

In addition to being a mail deliverer, you can work as a parcel deliverer. Of course, it is necessary to have your driver’s license for this. Working as a parcel deliverer is possible for various companies. In addition, it depends on the company whether you must drive a large bus or car, for example. And whether you have to go every day or just a few days (or one day) a week. You can apply to be an Amazon Delivery Driver. It can be much more profitable because, with the help of their Amazon Flex Bot application, you can do much more work than you would otherwise in that period of time.

  1. Playing Online Games

You can make some handsome cash online just by playing online casinos. Check out the best usa casinos site for exiciting offers and wide range of games. 

  1. Work in a store

Many stores hire special weekend workers to join their team on Saturdays and / or late night shopping. So this is an ideal way to earn some extra money.

  1. Seller at the door

You have to like it and be able to do it, but if it is in you, you can earn a lot of money by selling (energy) subscriptions / products at the door. Often these are jobs you can do in the late afternoon and early evening.

  1. Earning extra in the catering industry

A job in the hospitality industry can also provide you with a nice extra income. There is a lot of demand for catering staff, so you could almost always find work somewhere. For example, work as a bartender or waitress. As a wardrobe employee or as a runner. Or work in the kitchen as a dishwasher or assistant.

  1. Driver

Do you have your driving license and would you like to work as a driver to earn some extra money? Then you have various options. For example, you can register with Autoreset as a driver. Then you can be called if there is a ride that you could ride. This can be in a car, but also in a bus.

  1. Promotion employee

Do you know those people who hand out samples for new products at stations, fairs and shopping centers? You could be such a person if you are going to do promotional work. This work is often very flexible and therefore easy to combine with school or another job.

  1. Cleaning

Cleaning can also often be done as a side job. For example, you can be deployed as a cleaner at (primary) schools or in business premises. The times when you have to clean differ per location and company.

  1. Delivery (meals and groceries)

Would you like to deliver the groceries to someone’s home or to provide people with their ordered meals? Fortunately, there are quite a few places where you could get started as a delivery person. For example, you can work for a supermarket, or for a company that delivers meal boxes, but also for the pizzeria around the corner.

Delivery can be done in a car or bus, but also by scooter or bicycle. This makes a job as a meal deliverer also very suitable for young people.

  1. Operator or telephone salesman

Working as a telephone salesman or customer advisor is a great way to make extra money. You can often do these kinds of jobs well in the evenings and weekends, but you can also look for a company where you can work during the week (during the day).

  1. Carwash employee

As a car wash employee, you control the car wash and ensure that the customer’s car comes out completely clean. For this it is sometimes necessary to also perform some scrubbing services manually.

As an employee in the car wash you can earn a nice amount. How much you can earn exactly depends on your age and the company. You often work on weekends or in the evenings.

  1. Warehouse worker

Would you like to get started as a warehouse employee? To ensure that all products are collected for an order and / or put (back) in the right place? Then you can start working as a warehouse employee somewhere near you.

  1. Watch out

People who have children and at the same time have a job or a busy social life are often looking for someone who can look after the children. Do you love children? Then this can be a nice way to earn extra money. What is possible with children, is of course also possible with pets. For example, you can babysit dogs or cats when the owners go on vacation. Or provide the animals with love and food in their homes.

Walking the dogs of people who work all day can also be a fun way to earn some extra money.

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  1. Tutor

Are you super good at math or are you fluent in English, Spanish or Chinese? Then you can think about tutoring. There are various websites to which you could register in this case, but you can of course also look for work yourself, or advertise yourself by means of a message on social media or an advertisement on Marktplaats. You can also make a flyer and ask to post it on the notice board of a school near you.

  1. Share your knowledge and skills

Are you very good at cooking? Knitting or crocheting? Or in making Christmas arrangements or flower arrangements? Or are you very handy with computers? Then you can think about using that knowledge to earn extra money. For example, provide fun workshops or courses to share your knowledge with the people who are looking for it. This way you can earn a nice amount.

  1. Administrative work

A side job in which you can do (light) administrative work for companies is often a nice way to earn some extra money. For example, you may have to enter or check certain data. A part-time job for which most companies are also willing to pay a good salary.

  1. Stock filler and supermarket work

A part-time job as a stock filler is an ideal way to earn some extra money, especially for young people. You can do this work from the age of 14. You can keep an eye on whether employees are being sought at the supermarket (s) near you, or register in a pool, such as that of Young Capital. As soon as there is work for you in your area, you will be contacted.

  1. Sell your products or services

Are you handy with wood, engines or computers, or are you very good at making cakes or furniture, for example? Then see if you can earn money with it. By selling your services or products, you can earn a nice extra amount. You can also think of cutting hair or applying gel nails.

Get started as a self-employed person

You can also start as a self-employed person. This can be attractive if you would like to do more with what you can to earn a nice amount.

  1. Get started as a gardener

A side job with a gardener or some side jobs as help in the garden is a nice way to earn extra money if you like to work outside and are interested in and have knowledge of greenery.

  1. Mystery Shopper

Would you like to evaluate a store and the service of its employees, without them knowing that you are going to do it? Then a side job as a mystery shopper might be something for you. Sometimes you just have to look around, sometimes you will have to buy something and sometimes you have to return something. Then you assess the employees and their service.

What you can earn with this type of work depends on where you work, what kind of assignment you will be doing and how much time that assignment takes you. There are several organizations you could enroll in to do this work, including MyteryGuest.

  1. A part-time job from home

Are you mainly looking for a way to earn money from home? Then you have several options. For example, get started with:

-writing or translating articles

-completing surveys

-participating in studies

-affiliate marketing

-cooking dishes that you sell through websites such as Thuisafgehaald.nl

-renting equipment and equipment through Peerby


Earning money

If you are looking for a way to make extra money, this article has provided you with 22 tips to help you do that. Maybe one of these tips is the tip for you. You can find a lot of side jobs via websites like YoungCapital.nl. Many vacancies for just a few hours a week can also be found on other job boards. By responding to vacancies that you like, you will hopefully be able to start earning some extra money in no time.


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