What Steps Should You Follow After a Car Accident in Springfield

Car Accident

Getting into a Car Accident in Springfield is not a pleasant experience. It is easy to feel shocked, overwhelmed, and scared; however, taking specific steps keeps your stress at bay. If you have been involved in a minor accident without any injuries, calling the Springfield Police may not yield many results, nor are you obligated to do so.

According to the Springfield Police Department, if you have been involved in a minor accident within the city limit where only vehicles have been damaged, you can exchange your information and file for a Citizen Crash Report without calling the police on site.

While minor car accidents do not require you to go to a hospital or wait for recovery, they involve much paperwork. To ensure that you have your things in order, it is always best to contact a Springfield car accident lawyer.

After the Accident

Right after you are in an accident, you may feel shocked and confused. Hence, it is good to know what you should do in such a situation to ensure that you and other passengers are safe.

Check for Injuries

When you encounter an accident, the first step is always to ensure that you are not injured. Check yourself and other passengers for any injuries, blood, dislocation, or any other ailment which requires immediate attention. If you feel that you need immediate help, you will have to call emergency services to receive the care you need.

Exchange Information

It is essential to exchange information significantly if your vehicle has been damaged. Exchanging information helps you file an insurance claim. Keep in mind that it is best not to discuss any fault when exchanging information as the insurance company will have an ultimate say in deciding who is at fault.

When exchanging information, here is what you need: The full name of the driver, the name of the insurance company and the policy number, the location of the accident, the driver’s license and car plate number, and the model and color of the vehicle.

Documenting the Accident

Ensure that you document the accident well; take pictures of your vehicle, note down the names of witnesses, if any, and ensure that you get a copy of the Citizen Crash Report that you file in Springfield. Documenting the accident is crucial when it comes to filing your insurance claim.

Talking to a Lawyer

Whether or not you have been in a severe accident, it is always best to talk to a Springfield car accident lawyer to ensure a seamless process after the accident. Your lawyer will help ensure that you receive your insurance claim, and in case of serious injuries, they will help you seek reimbursement from the other party.

Speaking to a lawyer is crucial to ensure that you have been rightly reimbursed either from the government or from the other party, depending on the situation.

Car accidents are understandably quite a harrowing experience. The experience is worsened when you have to think about medical bills and insurance claims. Hence, speaking with a lawyer ensures that you concentrate on recovering while experts handle your case for you.


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