X Online Apps to Increase Your Productivity


These days we have to be as productive as possible, the media says. We are under the constant pressure of underperformance and the cult of managing to do the impossible. But what does it mean to be productive? Is it just about the numbers or the quality of the results? 

While you are trying to be as productive as possible, you are missing the main point of having fun with your research or lecture. At the same time, you probably fail to make everything in time. In this case, let online essay writer service help you with academic assignments as you are unlocking the secret of enjoying your curriculum, finding productivity, and happiness at the moment.  

Here’s the list of the best apps that would boost your productivity and help handle all tasks like a pro. 

How to deal with stress and do everything in time

Usually, it takes some brainstorm to sort all your tasks and goals. The more you think about time and productivity you lose, the more petrified you get.  

It is easy to forget what you need to do first and what you can put on a shelf for some time, especially when you are a student. That’s why you might seek a solution to managing your academic workload and asking for help from professionals. At the same time, look at assignments that you can manage to do yourself, with all the unusual tips for writing. 

Remember that all great ideas come to life as you work on them, step by step, without a rush, and trusting the process. But you need to work and dedicate an hour or more to the task to make it perfect. Never leave your work halfway, hoping that you would finish it later. It is better to gradually progress with your chores than getting distracted with ten assignments simultaneously. 

Forget about stress and do the following:

  • Make a list of chores that you have. That’s when the productive apps come in hand with such features as sorting, categorizing, and reminders;
  • Check what work you can trust to professionals;
  • Think big, act carefully, dedicate a specific amount of time to your tasks;
  • Always finish things you started; 

  1. Todoist 

Todoist is a free multi-platform app that allows you to make sense of your task-list and effectively sort assignments and chores into categories. App’s intuitive interface and light design allow you to manage any assignment and easily keep track of it. You can easily prioritize your assignments and set reminders as well as deadlines. 

However, some features may be unlocked only when subscribing to a paid version. Yet, even with a free version of Todoist, your daily routine becomes less chaotic.

  1. Airtable 

This app may seem complicated and too sophisticated to deal with. However, if you give Airtable a second chance, it appears to be one of the most visually driven when it comes to checking your to-do list, notes, and their current status. It is one of the most simplistic and user-friendly designs for a productivity app. Airtable also has special fields to add links and attachments. 

You also have the possibility to collaborate with your project team and effectively manage the assignment in time. The app has free and paid versions. 

  1. Monday

Monday is a paid app that suits projects and startups as well as your important tasks. It allows you to set a status on the task and check your progress and analyze how to improve it. Monday is not only a productivity app; it is professional software that would come in handy if you are looking forward to boosting your career as you finish your degree.

Monday is more expensive, but the bill can be shared between you and your friend, who also can use the perks of productivity apps on their smartphone or desktop.

  1. Calendar

This web app provides you with additional features that you might need when being a remote student. Easy and comfortable design allows you to connect all of your existing calendars into one interface. If you have a lot of meetings and events to manage, this app would be a perfect solution. You also can invite your friends to share the information.

The Calendar is a good starter to get your things together and think about the next steps. There’s a paid version of the app, but most of the needed features are available with the free version.  

  1. Trello 

Trello is one of the most popular apps for its simplicity and effectiveness when it comes to increasing productivity. The app is a perfect solution for people pursuing careers and students and researchers who need more order in their life. Trello also allows you to share your lists and boards with convenient in-built messaging that is a perfect choice for team projects. 

The app is free, and maybe in the future, you would upgrade it to a business suite. So far, the possibilities of Trello doesn’t require any additional effort from you.

  1. Pocket 

It is a completely free multi-platform app that allows you to approach the process of increasing your productivity creatively. User-friendly and light design is colorful and allows you to make bookmarking and sketches for your tasks. It is an advanced to-do list that allows you to carry many notes and information around without having to use a traditional notebook. 

On the other hand, since Pocket is free software, it has a limited set of features. You might find an additional feature, “save for later,” designed to mark websites you are interested in. Pocket sounds like a fair deal, especially as it costs nothing and works perfectly. 

  1. Slack

Another web software designed to give you a max capacity and space for collaboration with your coursemates. This app is perfect for getting your job done in time, especially if someone relies on you. Slack is perfect for making notes, set deadlines, and track your progress. 

This app also comes in free and paid versions, with most features available for pro usage.


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