10 Easy DIY Tips You’d Probably Never Thought Of

probably never thought of

Here are 10 amazing DIY tips, tricks, and projects that you probably never thought of to change your life: 

#1 – What the talc? 

Talc isn’t just for softening babies’ skin probably never thought of. It has a boatload of unexpected uses around the house. One of which is preventing hinges and floorboards from creaking. 

If WD40 is letting you down add a pinch of talc to a screeching door hinge or loud floorboard on the stairs. Leave the talc for an hour before brushing it away. You’re welcome. 

#2 – Vanilla isn’t just for cakes  

The worst thing about repainting rooms is the eye-watering fumes that cause headaches and sore throats. These fumes can sometimes take days to disperse. If only there was a way to get rid of them… 

Don’t worry, with this DIY hack paint headaches will be a thing of the past. And the good news is that the main ingredient needed is probably sitting in your kitchen cupboard. 

Add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract to a tin of paint to counteract its headache-causing fumes. It really is that simple which you probably never thought of. 

#3 For crayon out loud 

We stole this tip from The Home Dweller and it drastically improved our lives. Fed up of the little ones getting crayon all over the walls (a hairdryer and a paper towel will fix that by the way)? We have a great mess-free alternative for you. 

Head down to the art store and pick yourself up a set of art pens. Find the kids a window they can easily reach and let them go wild. After they’re done grab some hand sanitizer and wipe it all off. They can flex their creative muscles without ruining your walls.    

#4 Stuck on you? 

Fed up of your rugs slipping around underfoot? Try double-sided tape. 

Simply line the underside of your rugs with the tape and press down firmly into the floor. Your rugs won’t be going anywhere and the tape can be easily removed without damaging your floors. 

This doesn’t just work rugs! You can use this trick to stick down ornaments, or forcing curtains to fall in the right place. 

#5 – It’s getting hot, hot, hot! 

Want to add a splash of color to your room but don’t have the money to invest in any statement furniture? There is an easy solution to this. 

Grab yourself a can of heatproof paint in whatever color takes your fancy. You can use this to paint over your boring old radiator and give the room a new lease of life. 

#6  – Who turned out the light? 

We’ve all made mistakes during DIY sessions probably you would have never thought of. We’ve all blown a fuse at least once. Some of us may have even drilled through the odd pipe (don’t judge us!). These moments can easily become disasters if you’re not prepared.  

Take some time to think about the main things that could go wrong whilst doing some DIY in your house. Then make a list of useful items that could help you solve that problem. Grab yourself an empty box and fill it with all the items from your second list. And put it somewhere you can find it, even in the dark. 

We’ll start you off, you’re going to need a torch in that box. 

#7 – Bake it off 

Can’t get rid of that smell in the fridge? Even though you’ve already removed all the offending items? This tip is for you. 

Fill a small dish with half a cup of baking soda and leave it in the fridge overnight. By the time you wake up your fridge will be smelling as good as new, with very little effort on your part. Win, win! 

#8 – With the power of magnets! 

This trick is for those of you who are sick of having messy wires lying around. All you’re going to need for this tip are some mini magnets, wash tape, and magnetic tape. 

Line the end of your TV stand, bedside cabinet, desk, or anywhere else you like with a strip of magnetic tape. Add a mini magnet to any of the wires you keep there. The wires will now happily rest within arms reach, but out of sight. You can use the washi tape to color code the wires so you can tell which is which from a distance.  

#9 – Have you herb the news 

This herb garden DIY is not only great for the planet but will look great in your home. Use gardening twine and old soda bottles to build yourself a hanging herb garden. 

Simply cut the bottles in half, fill them with solid and hang them from the ceiling. Plant cuttings from all your favorite herbs and watch your garden bloom. 

#10 – Baby oil saves the day 

Our final DIY tip that probably never thought of will help you clean up after you’ve finished all your hard work. This tip is for anyone who’s fed up with scrubbing their hands raw after painting. 

We’ve always been told that the best way to remove paint from your skin is to use white spirit. This does work but white spirit is awful for your skin and very toxic. It’s not something you want to be pouring down the sink. 

What you probably didn’t know is that baby oil has an almost identical effect, if out drying out your skin. It also works wonders on fake tan! The more you know… 



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