Tasteful wine with the help of the right wine cooler

Tasteful wine with the help of the right wine cooler

Everyone who loves wine can enjoy it more from owning a wine fridge that is suited to your vino. You can present your wine selection with it or if you only have a limited amount of space in your regular fridge, the wine cooler will keep your beloved wine in good condition. With the extra option of having a dual zone wine cooler you are able to store multiple kinds of wine in just one wine cooler.

Drinking wine in the perfect climate will let you experience a better taste of the product. Another benefit of having a wine cooler in place is that the wine will stay in balance all the time. The bottles won’t be fluctuating in temperature as soon as your heating system  changes its temperature inside your house or apartment.

What to take into consideration when choosing a wine fridge

The preference for your wine cooler will depend on several aspects.

–           How many bottles would you like to store?

If you live in a small apartment, choose a compact model, like a 24 bottles wine

cooler. If you would like to drink or serve occasionally a good wine and you have got

some more space, choose a bigger model, like a 40 or even more bottles wine

cooler. If you’re building a collection you probably want to aim for a model with

25-50% more capacity than the number of bottles you would like to store. It’s safer to

have more space than you need and not use it, then need it and not have it.

–           Does it have a single, dual zone or triple cooling system?

The advantage of multiple temperature zones is that it can be set to more different

temperature zones, so you can store for example red wine and white wine in the

same wine cooler. The expensive wine fridge will contain three temperature zones. This option allows you to store for example reds, whites and champagne all at serving temperature.

What to take into consideration when choosing a wine fridge






–           Take the type of bottle you would like to store inside the wine cooler into


The amount of bottles that can be held in a certain wine cooler doesn’t always work

for you. Every wine cooler advertises how many wine bottles it can hold, in this case you should think about the standard size wine bottle, like a Bordeaux-sized bottle. When you would like to store bottles larger than this size, make sure that you select a wine cooler that has removable or adjustable shelves so that you can make space for your bottles.

–           Where is your wine cooler going to be located?

Decide between a freestanding, built-in, counter top or integrated wine cooler.

Integrated will be mounted into your kitchen or furniture. The countertop version can

become suitable for you if you have limited space or would like to store only a few

wine bottles. A built-in wine cooler gives a nice look to your kitchen or furniture. Take

into consideration that these have got fixed sizes with a certain limit of how much bottles it can store.

Other options that you can select from are for example;

–           UV resistant glass door which will make sure that UV rays won’t affect your wine.

–           Humidity controls that ensure the amount of moisture inside the wine cooler so the

integrity of the cork will stay intact and no air will float into the wine bottle.

–           Anti-vibration options will minimize vibrations inside the wine cooler and lower the

sound of the device itself. Vibrations can have a negative effect on the colour, flavour

and the body of the wine.

–           In-build filter of the wine cooler ensures the amount of dust being created inside the

wine cooler and odours that will affect the taste.

–           The controls of the wine cooler can differ per model. It can be touch control, digital or

even remote controlled by phone.

–           Led lights will make it more fancy and able to present your wines as the wine cooler

is a dark place.

–           Shelf types can be wooden, metal or even sliding. Metal racking can cause damages

on the bottles or labels. Wooden shelves are the most popular. Sliding shelves gives

you the opportunity to show the bottles without removing them from the cooler and it

makes it easier to remove them out of the cooler.

Do some research before selecting the wine cooler you would like to obtain to prevent much overhaul of your house or apartment. Serving a wine at the perfect temperature is the absolute way to enjoy a wine.


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