Dive In: Home Pool Installation

Home Pool Installation

Installing a fiberglass pool at your home can be an exciting thing to do, especially if this is the first in-ground swimming pool you have had at home. We are here to give you advice and information on Home Pool Installation and the types of fiberglass pools available to install. Fiberglass is not the only material available when choosing a home in-ground pool; however, we believe it is the best material to choose. A fiberglass pool is the easiest to clean. It is a long-lasting material that, if properly maintained, can be enjoyed for a prolonged period of time, keeping your costs low after the initial expense of purchasing and installing your new pool. 

We are seeing more DIY Home Pool Installation kits saturating the market and, while we can understand why people are opting for these do-it-yourself options, as they are considerably cheaper than using professionals to install your in-ground swimming pool, a DIY installation is not what we would recommend. This is because that type of fiberglass pool is made of cheaper materials and the majority of the costs you incur are for transporting such a large item. The cheaper costs are appealing, however, they are also a recipe for disaster; either during or shortly after installation, this could end up costing you more than the original price to have it fixed. If the fiberglass is not correctly manufactured, it can split, which can become dangerous very quickly and be a costly repair. 

When looking to purchase a fiberglass pool, there are a number of considerations you should make; the material and how this has been manufactured, the shape and size of the pool, cost, and when it can be installed. 


To get the best type of fiberglass pool, the fiberglass should be manufactured under the correct temperatures with the correct heat treatments to ensure that the materials will be long-lasting. This is to also ensure that you can use the pool under hot temperatures, which is especially important if you are planning to install a heated pool or if you live in a hot weather area where the water will naturally heat. If the pool is not manufactured under the correct temperature, the pool could become damaged easily and need to be repaired or replaced more quickly than if it was manufactured in the correct way. 

Also, it is important to look at the lining of the pool as this will determine the amount of future maintenance that will be needed. Our maintenance guides and training available after Home Pool Installation will help to ensure that you are able to correctly maintain whichever type of pool you purchase, to a high standard, to ensure the longevity of your purchase. A vinyl lining will need to be cleaned and maintained more regularly than a gel finish lining, meaning more time will be spent enjoying your pool and less time spent cleaning it if you purchase the gel finish lining. 

Cleaning is a very important part of your pool experience. Although no-one wants to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning their pool, it is important to ensure this takes place regularly so that your pool can be enjoyed for longer without the lining becoming damaged. Incorrectly cleaning your pool can also mean periods of time where you are unable to use it if the incorrect chemicals make the water harmful to swim in. Our maintenance guides will help you with the correct cleaning materials to use so that the pool remains clean and safe to use regularly.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of the pool you choose will depend on a number of factors; if you are building a pool from scratch, this could be the amount of space you want to give up in your garden, or if you are replacing an old pool you may be choosing between keeping the same size as was previously there or making your pool bigger. Either way, this will have an impact on the cost of the pool, so if money is the main factor, you may want to review the cost prior to setting your heart on a specific size or shape of the pool. We can work with you to achieve a cost that is suitable and talk through all of the options and implications of your choices to ensure you are happy with the Home Pool Installation.

There are a number of fiberglass pool brands available, and each will offer similar shapes and sizes, so the shape of your pool is really up to your personal preference. Again, this may be determined by the shape of your existing pool if you are wishing to replace an old pool without doing any further excavation work. We are certain that the pools we have on offer are competitive with what other companies are offering currently and that we have something to suit everyone. If you are unsure when browsing our website, get in touch via our inquiry form or by calling our office so we can discuss your individual needs.  


Fiberglass pools can seem more expensive initially. However, you will spend less on maintenance and repair costs in the long-term in comparison to other types of in-ground pools available. Our tailored quotes will give you all of the costs with no hidden expenses added at the end, meaning you can be confident in knowing exactly what you will need to pay from the outset. 

We recognize that cost is an important concern for our customers, and we work hard to keep costs to a minimum while ensuring that all of our customers receive high-quality pools with high-quality work and excellent customer service. 


We pride ourselves on our competitive installation times and will discuss your individual specifications to provide an installation time that suits you. This can be as little as one week, depending on the size of the project we are undertaking. We guarantee that we will not rush the project and will always ensure satisfaction with your Home Pool Installation. 

An added extra when purchasing a fiberglass in-ground pool is getting a good warranty included in the purchase price or being able to add an extra warranty to the manufacturer’s standard. The warranty is your protection in case of damage, and if damage did develop, it could be a costly repair or replacement. Knowing you have a considerable warranty already in place is a weight off your mind and a way of resting easier knowing you have cover if it is needed in the future. 

When purchasing a new pool, it is important to ensure that the pool project is dealt with correctly and each part of the installation is managed fully. This will make certain that the installation goes smoothly and you are satisfied with the finished installation. We pride ourselves on a full project management service that will include training in how to use and maintain your new pool to guarantee you get the best possible experience. 

We also provide you with pool resources free of charge to help you from choosing the pool to installation expectations to maintaining the pool for years to come. We are extremely proud of these resources and the advice we can provide to our customers to make sure that each customer gets the most out of their pool.


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