Why You Should Go Traveling


A guy got married when he was 25 to his high school sweetheart. While it was a relatively expected event, it was surprising that their marriage came so early in their lives. They both just finished their college degrees and had not yet seen the birth of their career. While theyalready have multiple

children and

generally seem satisfied, they always appear exhausted. However, there is no doubt that they still appear to be incredibly joyous and grateful for their family life and their careers.

Recently, however, it was confessed that he felt that he needed a break. He admitted that while he has no reservations and regrets regarding his choices in life, he thought that he is living a life so particular and set. Now that he is in his 30s, he felt that he missed being young and spry. He is mentally and emotionally stressed that his life is so contained and boxed in a planned direction.

He felt terrible and wicked having confessed this. He was convinced that it is normal to feel this way, even for a content adult. Having these feelings is pretty normal for anyone who works hard. It is normal to feel left out when you have the means to go places but do not have the time to do so. He was persuaded, however, that he go travel – even with his family.

Here aresomereasons why you should travel:

Mental Pilgrimage to Peace

Traveling to somewhere you are not familiar with is a change of pace from your bustling daily life of all work and no play.Experiencing unfamiliar faces and places can be exhilarating and thrilling. According to studies, integration with different cultures creates and shapes an individual who is open-minded, creative, and confident about how he conducts his life. Be at peace with being amongst people who do not know who you are or care enough to meddle in your business. Peace can be found in a faraway place.

Knowledge and Exploration

Traveling does not always have to be about going on a vacation and taking a break. Gaining knowledge about the place you are going to is also one of the benefits of going traveling. Learn a new language just merely conversing with locals. Absorb how to speak Japanese and try to chat with locals in Osaka. Discover a new method of cooking by observing how street vendors cook your favorite food. Gather from Hong Kong locals how to cook your favorite egg cake. Explore how early civilizations made their way to the history books. Understand how early irrigation systems were made in India along with their river systems. There are many things you can learn from a different country. You must be ready with an open mind to accept and absorb the knowledge your travels can throw at you.

Independence and Control

In another place, you do not have anyone else dictating the pace you have to do certain activities. Being abroad can grant you the temporary freedom you have been looking for outside your work. How you handle your trip is entirely up to you. There would not be any pressure for you to go along tours and be amongst travelers. You can keep your own pace. There are no other schedules except for yours. You eat, sleep, walk, and experience at your own time.


The motivations of going abroad can not only be about having an escape but also about holistic growth. Limiting yourself to your little box will do you no good. Traveling to another country and genuinely experiencing how foreigners live their lives is a healthy way to grow as a person. Being genuinely curious about their plight and everyday struggles will make you appreciate what you have back home. You will gain much more if you get a little inspiration from how locals live their lives and bring those good habits back.

Excuse to Disconnect

Traveling abroad is the perfect excuse to disconnect and be away from all the workload. Give yourself the reason to not review your work emails, keep away from social media, and not respond to workmates’ messages.

Life can pass by you in a blink of an eye. Being in a distant and unfamiliar area can liberate you from your day-to-day worries. It is also an excellent opportunity to rediscover your motivations in life and uncover new dreams along the way. You can learn new things along the way. Treat the trip as your journey to peace.


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