Tips and Tricks on How to Remove Graffiti From Your Property

Graffiti in Your Property

Acts of vandalism happen every day and, though they’re common, they can cost both business owners and homeowners thousands of dollars to fix. In fact, the average act of vandalism costs businesses at least $3,370.

The most common type of vandalism people encounter is graffiti. These unsightly tags and marks on buildings make your property look more run down as soon as they’re in place.

The best thing you can do is remove graffiti as soon as you find it. Here are a few tried and true ways to do just that.

Start With Pressure Washing

The easiest way to get rid of graffiti on your own is with a pressure washer.

Pressure washing machines use high-pressured jets of water to clean away grime and residue left on your property. Even better, you should be able to rent one from your local hardware store.

Start from the top of the graffiti and work your way down the surface. This way, any drips of paint will get removed without leaving behind traces that make your exterior look run down. Once the bulk of the design is gone, go over the area again until the design is no longer visible.

Darker paints and thicker coats of paint will take longer to remove, so be patient.

Keep in mind that you should only use this graffiti removal method on unpainted surfaces. Otherwise, you risk stripping the paint and having to start from scratch.

Hire a Professional

Removing graffiti on your own is challenging at best. You have to be comfortable working with caustic cleaners, able to maneuver large pressure washing machines, and use those tools to clean your property without damaging the materials beneath the graffiti

According to the team DIY graffiti removal can end up causing serious damage to your building’s siding, pavement, and even your landscaping.

Instead of trying to handle it on your own, hire a professional graffiti removal specialist. They’ll be able to remove even large patches of Graffiti in Your Property in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it on your own.

Paint the Exterior

If the graffiti on your property is small and got sprayed on a painted exterior, you may not have to remove it at all. Instead, you can paint over the tagged area with a high-quality exterior paint.

If you choose to repaint your property, make sure to use primer over the tagged area. This way, the fresh coat of paint will completely cover the design with just a few coats.

You Can Remove Graffiti

The sooner you can remove graffiti from your property, the better. Keep these graffiti removal tips in mind and you’ll be able to deal with designs on your property quickly and easily.

Once you get the existing Graffiti in Your Property removed, do what you can to prevent would-be artists from using your property as a canvas. Invest in security cameras to catch unauthorized people

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