Myths Of Vaping That Need To Be Trashed

10 Myths About Cigarette Smoking
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The pace at which the vaping industry progressed is remarkable. People have quite started loving the idea of vaping, and most of them propagate its use to others. However, along with the good news comes the bad news also. 

There are others who have spread a lot of myths about vaping. This negative campaigning is forcing people to reconsider their choice. Here are some common myths of vaping that were spread and the truth behind them.

Ingredients used are dangerous

The most common myth you will hear is that the ingredients present in the e-liquids are dangerous and harmful. However, the truth is that the ingredients are clearly mentioned, and nowhere is going to harm you. Mostly there are four ingredients, i.e., Propylene Glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural flavoring, and nicotine. 

All the ingredients are as safe as they can be, and you have nothing to worry about. You can contact to understand the concept of vaping better. 

Nicotine content

The critics raised a lot of hues and cries about the amount of nicotine used in all the e-liquids. However, not all e-liquids have nicotine content in them. You can quickly get one without nicotine content if you want. 

Apart from that, they keep the maximum limit of nicotine in the e-liquids at 2.4 %, not more than that.

Vaping and cigarettes comparison

People keep comparing vaping to cigarettes; however, they are as different as can be. Vaping juices have only four ingredients, whereas an average cigarette is filled with so many chemicals. Smoking cigarettes causes damage to the lungs and increases blood pressure.

On the other hand, vaping has no negative impact on the overall health of the person.

Vaping can be addictive

Just like cigarettes, many people believe that vaping may be addictive. They assume that even non-smokers can get used to starting vaping. The truth is that e-cigarettes do not have a very high nicotine level; hence getting addicted to them is a myth. 

They introduced the e-cigarettes to discourage people from smoking, not to encourage non -smokers to start doing so.

Regulations behind vaping

It is not as if the vaping industry is not under FDA jurisdiction. The FDA has set up its rules and regulations on it, just like any other industry. They have to follow all the standard practices, and there is no exemption from any scrutiny. 

Testing is done on the e-liquids to ensure that any low-quality product does not enter the market. The method of production, quality, and they keep the sale processes also under check.


The vaping industry’s progress left quite a few people fluttered. It is those people who set up on the task to spread wrong notions about it. As you can see, all these myths have no ounce of reality in them. Vaping is not dangerous, and the quality of e-liquids always matches the benchmark of quality. 

People have tested its benefits and then only propagated its use to others. It is this trust and belief that is helping the industry move ahead without any hurdles.


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