A Generator that Packs a Punch

Generator that Packs a Punch
Generator that Packs a Punch

When you live in a state that gets a ton of storms, especially in the winter, it is important to make sure you have a generator to provide you with some power in the case of a blackout. Generators typically need to be used outside because they are gas-powered, but there is an option for a mini indoor generator for indoor use to charge your devices.

The Patriot Power Sidekick generator is tiny and only weighs 8 pounds. You can power devices like your cell phone, laptop, important medical devices, radios, and more. It runs on solar power, so it is completely safe to use inside. There are 8 outlets to make it easy to charge all of your important devices at once.


The best part of this generator is there are no dangerous fumes, noise, or smell. There is no reason to ever worry about carbon monoxide coming from this generator. Since it is battery-powered, you never need to use gas to power this generator.

Easy to Use

This solar powered generator is super light, weighing only 8.4 pounds. That is less than a gallon of milk! You can easily transport it from room to room if there is a blackout. You can also keep it in your car or take it camping with you!

Types of Outlets

There are 8 outles on this small generator. There is one automobile cigarette socket, two 12V DC sockets, two USB outputs, one USB-C power output, and two Pure Sine Wave AC outputs. You can easily charge any and all devices you might need.

Ways to Charge

There are two ways that you can charge up this mini generator. The first is with the included 40-Watt solar panel. This makes it so you can charge your generator any time, even if you don’t have access to electricity. If you do have electricity and you need your generator to charge quickly, you can use the included AC power cord and plug it in.


Inside this mini generator is by far one of the most advanced batteries. It is a lithium-ion-phosphate battery and it is a technology that you won’t find just anywhere. This type of battery offers several benefits compared to other types of batteries. Some of these benefits are a much longer life span, no maintenance needed, lightweight, efficient charging, and they are extremely safe.


The Patriot Power Sidekick can handle 300-Watt at peak power. It can hold 110-Watts continously. It can also withstand up to 2,000 lifecycles of being charged and drained down. This is much longer than other mini generators on the market.


Having a miniature generator that is safe for inside use can come in handy in the case of a power outage in your neighborhood. You can charge up to 8 devices with the different ports available on this device. The battery is one-of-a-kind, long-lasting, and esy to charge.

There are two ways you can charge up this generator. If you have power, you can plug it in with the included AC cord. If you don’t have power, you can use the included solar panels to charge up the generator. The battery can reach up to 300-Watt at full power and can continuously run at 110-Watts.

This is the perfect generator to have in your home or keep in your car to have on hand in the case of an emergency where you don’t have access to power. You never need to power this generator with gas, so it is completely safe to use anywhere and whenever you need it.


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