5 Benefits of a Percussion Massage Gun

Percussion Massage Gun

Those who exercise regularly and lead an active life might have heard of the amazing benefits of percussion massage guns. These amazing tools have revolutionized the way that people work out, saving time and money while preventing potentially debilitating injuries. Here are just five wonderful benefits of a well-made percussion massage gun:

Deep Tissue Penetration

The amount of energy that is packed into a well made percussion massage gun can only be experienced first hand. The design of the top massage guns allows for a rapid succession of pointed blows to problematic areas. This deep massage that is delivered to hard to reach, knotted, and painful areas of muscle and fascia is a new technology that could only be previously achieved with a well trained and strong masseuse.

These bundles of tissue are a post-injury phenomenon of injured and inflamed tissue that actually becomes “sticky” in nature. This means the injured tissue sticks to itself and to the surrounding muscle and tendon, thus not allowing for the muscle groups to glide across one another while moving, like in healthy, normal movement. 

The quick, prodding movement of the massage head essentially kneads out these painful knots. By reducing the amount of knotted, painful muscle and connective tissue, a normal range of motion is restored. Nerve pathways that might have been previously hindered by musculoskeletal knots are released from being pinched. The restoration of normal muscle, tendon, circulatory, lymph, and nerve function combines; the relief of pain if just one benefit of this process.

Bonus Healing of Heat

When heat is introduced to the massaging mechanism of a good massage gun, an additional component of the healing of micro-abrasions and torn musculoskeletal fibers is there to speed up the process of healing. Immediately after a new injury, it is a good idea to ice any painful, swollen, or bruised areas. However, after the injury has been given at least 48 hours to heal, it is time to switch from cold (which reduced swelling and allowed for reduced tissue injury immediately post-trauma) to heat (which stimulates circulation and encourages the healing of muscle and other injuries.

Heat treatment is a basic component of speeding along with the healing of old sprains, strains, bruises, and other minor traumatic injuries. Improve the healing process by using heat packs while resting and at night. 

Preventative Medicine

By using a massage gun to warm up prior to workouts, and to cool down afterward, the chances of getting a debilitating injury during workouts are far less likely. A lot of the time, when people feel rushed or short on time, they may skip the warm-up and cool down on the daily workout. This practice is essential to stretch muscle groups slowly and allow blood flow to increase slightly. By “warming up”, the muscle groups are better prepared for an intense workout, and the likelihood of a sports-related injury is lessened significantly. 

Economical Massage Therapy

Using a massage gun, a product that at the most costs around $600 for a professional-grade model, and is usually much less than that for most models, means that the same effects that are obtained by costly massages can be obtained whenever needed or wanted. Most people can only afford an occasional full body massage, but this deep tissue massage is available all of the time. 

A Time-Saving Warmup and Cooldown

In order to prevent sports injuries, a five-minute deep tissue massage before and after workouts via a massage gun will help prevent future injuries. This will cut down on time off of work, ER visits, and the other extra financial burdens that come with minor injuries.


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