Tips, Benefits and Tools for Salesforce Test Automation

Tools for Salesforce Test Automation

In the world where customer relationship management (CRM) and client support boost businesses, Salesforce is a major tech participant. 

As it facilitates a wide variety of customer relationship management practises, companies favour Salesforce across several industries. 

What is Salesforce Test Automation?

Salesforce is a CRM software that can be conveniently incorporated with other frameworks for businesses. As Salesforce is a cloud-based application, the personalized Salesforce functionality must be tested for functional testing and validated.  

The Salesforce CRM configurations, integrations and workflows build a complicated quality assurance scenario (QA) for testers who need considerable experience in high regression cycles, changes in the computing environment and development, etc.

Salesforce test automation offers reliability to enterprises’ dynamic and unique business processes, supporting their business strategy with many advantages.

Tips For Effective Tests 

  • Have a Team

To perform the test cases for Salesforce automation testing, it is essential to put together a team of specialists.

  • Start Testing Sooner 

It is quite vital to test sooner in the life cycle of software development (SDLC), and when software testers are engaged early, they can come up with quick resolutions. 

In the early stages, this would help recognize the problems and reduce potential threats and expenses. As the QA team gets introduced to the framework early during the software development life cycle, it will also help the QA team enhance the test coverage and conduct a series of tests.

  • Choose a Testing Tool

It is important to pick the right toolset to handle critical and regular scenarios as per testing requirements. A variety of test automation instruments are hitting the market. We should test tools in the selection process to provide the necessary.

  • Label the Stages

Suitable labelling of testing procedures is a major change if teams do it from the early stages. It helps to keep the track. We should save three components of the test method, i.e. the name of the process, details about the testing direction, and the situation in which testers will implement the tests. 

Top 3 Advantages 

1. Better Coverage

We must equip Organizations with adequate test coverage to handle cloud-based software and regular launches. The design of dozens of new tests, user scenarios, edge validation cases, and more should be included.

2. Improved Performance

Manual Salesforce testing is time-consuming and requires a significant amount of resources, resulting in rising costs as it takes a considerable amount of human endeavour. 

Manual testing makes the time of distribution slow and restricts the accuracy of testing. Within the next few minutes of hours, automation testing can test 100 scenarios, resulting in lower costs and higher throughput.

3. Accurate Tests

Because of repetition, a manual approach to testing is vulnerable to mistakes. For humans doing the job, it takes time and renders it as a monotonous grind. Salesforce automation testing enhances the accuracy of the process.

Automatic tests generate a report discussing the failures and success of a test, saving time by redoing only the flawed tests automatically. 

Top 3 Tools for Salesforce Automation Testing


For modern testers, ACCELQ is making its way to the top tier of test automation suites. Its cloud automation, AI-powered codeless testing makes it one of the strongest Salesforce testing tools.

ACCELQ streamlines Salesforce-specific Dynamic technology, which is why businesses enjoy using ACCELQ’s services. They claim it is a powerful option, specifically for Salesforce clients, and it has let them strengthen their service offerings.

2. Ambition

Ambition and Salesforce automation go very well together. It is a perfect tool to organize and highlight performance metrics from Salesforce plus external systems in one location for businesses that use various tools to collect serious business data.

3. Engagio

Engagio is a useful tool for its users since it provides brand management, which helps them achieve their sales targets. It provides a full arsenal. Engagio offers an all-in-one platform to the marketing, distribution, and support teams to handle accounts efficiently.


Integrating Salesforce test automation in businesses would empower their development team and testers to concentrate on other vital tasks other than losing energy on repetitive tasks. It also helps them with generating reports to fix errors instantly.

Automating Salesforce tests is also beneficial in saving companies hundreds of millions and allocating that money for other commercial purposes.


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