Celebrities That Became Real Estate Agents

Celebrities That Became Real Estate Agents

The only secret to being wealthy is diversifying your income. That is having more than one source of income.  Some of the top celebrities seem to have mastered the art of creating wealth and are making a fortune for themselves in the real estate industry. 

Apart from having their fair share of the airwaves, grooming your screen, and some decent jobs, SGI Dallas says most celebrities invest big in real estate. 

You can learn a lot from these celebrities if you want to make that move to invest in real estate. Start your journey by signing up with adhischools.com for some amazing tips and guide on real estate investment and how to pass real estate exam.   

Here is a list of celebrities who  are making some good money from real estate:

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most popular celebrities who have invested hugely in the real estate industry. If you’ve watched the famous Wolf of Wall Street, you are familiar with this name, DiCaprio.  The celebrity knows how to play his cards well when it comes to real estate investment.  

The legendary actor and businessman listed one of his properties at $ 10.95 million in 2016. Some sources report that this value was at least seven times more than what DiCaprio bought the property two decades before. In addition to listing this property, the actor also sold some of his Palm Springs, New York, and Hollywood units. 

Emmitt Smith   

If you love American football, then you know Emmitt Smith is a legendary name in sports and NFL. During his times, Smith won several Super Bowls, earned numerous titles in sports. However, when he finally hung his boots, the star did not hesitate to follow other celebrities in the real estate industry. On his first attempt at real estate brokerage, he closed a deal at $45 million. This first deal motivated Smith to invest more time and resources in real estate. 

He then established the ESmith Legacy, one of the top real estate development firms. To prove that he’s also good in real estate, he founded more real estate companies, equity, and debt financing companies. Today, he still one of the top celebrities, making it big in real estate. 

Brad Pitt AND Angelina Jolie 

Brad Pitt is a popular American actor who began his career back in 1987 and features in the famous Fox TV series, 21 Jump Street.  He was also featured in the film Cutting Class. 

Together with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, he invested big time in the real estate industry. They own an expensive real estate property in France. Chateau Miraval is estimated to be worth $67 million as of 2008. 

The couple celebrated their wedding on this property. Today, the manor house is also generating this couple some money by producing olive oil and wine. 

The couple has also acquired several properties in LA, New York, New Orleans, Spain, and other states. Apart from owning new properties in various states, Pitt bought, converted, and developed real estate in Santa Barbara and Los Feliz before meeting his ex-wife.  Of course, after his divorce, you expect the actor to sell off some of his properties, but he has benefited a lot in generating wealth from closing several real estate deals. 

Jennifer Aniston 

When it comes to making it big in the real estate industry as a broker, timing is everything.  Someone must have shared this tip with Aniston before making her first attempt in the industry. 

Anniston bought her first real estate property, a midcentury mansion right at the center of Beverly Hills, California, at $13.5million.  She featured the Architectural Digest magazine property and later sold the property for a whopping $35 million.

Even after making the first deal, the actress and businesswoman did not stop there. She continued to invest a lot in real estate. Together with her husband, Justin Theroux, they spent $21  million to purchase their Bel Aire home but later rented some property while their dream home was not ready for moving in. 

Kylie Jenner 

Those following the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians know more about Kylie Jenner.  The American celebrity comes from the popular Kardashian- Jenner family, which is well-known for investing big in the real estate industry.   

Still, in her early twenties, the celebrity has already made a fortune in real estate from flipping properties.  Jenner is likely to join the billionaires club soon for owning several high-end housing units in the state of California. At 17 years, the celebrity had already acquired her first property at $2.7 million, a high-end home in Calabasas. 

 Since buying her first property, she has closed several deals in real estate. So far, Jenner has bought and sold at least three homes in Hidden Hills. Her family is also popular for buying and renovating real estate properties before selling them, and Kylie Jenner seems to be following just that by investing in real estate. 

Robert De Niro 

Unlike most legendary celebrities, Robert De Niro has invested a lot in commercial real estate. The actor owns a couple of real estate properties in different countries like England and the U.S.  

The actor and business guru co-owns the Nobu chain of restaurants and has a hotel resort project on the island of Barbuda.  He also owns some private real estate in London and New York, making him one of the most followed celebrities investing in real estate. 


We can learn a lot from some of the famous athletes and artists investing in real estate. Real estate is quite lucrative, and everyone has a chance to make it here. 

The secret to reaping big from real estate is taking the risk and re-investing in different properties. You must also market yourself as a real estate agent, something most celebrities are doing best. When you diversify your investment portfolio, you reduce the high risk of investing in real estate. 

These celebrities are case studies that everyone has a chance in real estate. So, why not follow the footsteps of these celebrities and invest your income in real estate today. 



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