Luna Scrunch bum leggings have a way of making your booty look insane

Luna Scrunch bum leggings have a way of making your booty look insane

We all want to look awesome in our active-wear, and if you have seen a pair of scrunch bum leggings in action, you’d be well aware that they have a unique ability to make your body and figure look incredible.

People are paying more attention to their outfits at the gym and wearing clothing that is breathable, stylish and of the highest quality, is key to ensuring you have a workout that is not only effective, but makes you look good doing it!

Designed to support the legs, bum and thighs in such a way to flatter your curves and enhance overall support, scrunch bum leggings have made waves around the world for its incredible ability to contour the body and create a gorgeous figure.

Check out the Luna Scrunch Bum Legging from Avvini Athletica

Emphasising the wearers best assets, the Luna scrunch bum leggings are a stunning pair of leggings which offers subtle contouring textures that work to create a beautiful look for your lower body during a workout.

Features of the Luna range of leggings from Avvini Athletica include:

  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Additional flexibility in the fabric
  • High compression ribbed waistband (no more muffin top or leggings rolling down at the waist)
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Super stretchy and great for squats

Known for their super stretch design and flattering look, rave reviews from Luna leggings lovers are proclaiming the style works to enhance the booty and give serious shape to the bum.

How is the Luna Scrunch Bum Legging Designed and Made?

Operating in South Australia, the Avvini Athletica range of leggings including the Luna Collection is crafted with 88% nylon and 12% spandex to give the extra flexibility that is often missing in a traditional pair of leggings.

The Luna range is designed to not be see-through when wearers are squatting at the gym and also have a super firm waistband that remains in place throughout the workout (no mode muffin top or leggings rolling down mid-workout).

If you’re looking for leggings that are soft on the skin, while at the same time makes your booty look insane, the Luna leggings are by far the seamless scrunch bum leggings you need to invest in, pronto!

Explore the extensive range of Avvini Athletica leggings today

Styles in the range include Intrigue, Power,Fuerza, Ajuste, Luna and Invictus. Whatever style you’re into, there is an option to suit your tastes and workout.  With such an extensive range, every gym lover can find a style that is perfect for their needs.

Available in a wide range of colours, styles and options, the Australian made Avvini Athletica range of seamless leggings and scrunch bum leggings are making a splash in the fitness world thanks to the quality fabric and gorgeous designs.

To find out more about the Australian brand Avvini Athletica’s range of leggings, check out the website today or sign up to be a member to gain access to promotions, deals and special offers.



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