How to Find a Solar Company in Indianapolis: A Complete Guide

Solar Company in Indianapolis

Renewable energy sources like solar will account for at least 13% of America’s electricity generation this year. This revelation by the U.S. Energy Information Administration also confirms that by the year 2023, at least four million homes will have solar panel installations. 

Finding a reliable solar company in Indianapolis has become easy as more providers seek to meet the gap in solar energy provision. Here, you’ll learn how to get the best solar companies in Indianapolis. 

Consider Licensing and Insurance

Any top-notch solar installation company must have the requisite licensing and insurance. In Indianapolis, every practicing solar installer must meet specific regulatory standards to have an operating license. The typical business licenses for a solar installer in Indianapolis include general contracting, electrician, and home improvement. 

The company must also have the requisite insurance coverage. It would be prudent to ask for proof of liability insurance before engaging. This will exonerate you from any legal issues in case the solar installer suffers injuries during installation. 


The process of solar energy installation or repair is never a child’s play. It takes experience to get everything right. When undertaking the installation process, look for a solar company in Indianapolis that has at least five years of experience in the game. 

Considering experience will ensure that you eliminate the risk of working with newbies. You don’t want to end up with a shoddy installation. As such, expertise should be at the core of your search. 

Track Record 

One of the best ways to source for a solar company in Indianapolis should be to focus on track-record. If the solar company lacks an established track record of excellence in their work, they can’t fit the bill. A reliable contractor is one who has undertaken different successful projects within the local setting. 


What do other people say about each specific solar company in Indianapolis? The kind of perception other locals have about the contractors should guide your decision. If there have been customer complaints patterns in the past, then that should be a red flag that all is not right. 

Premium Solar Equipment 

Before settling for a specific solar installer, consider the quality of their solar equipment. Premium solar equipment can provide you with a lifetime of great service. On the flip side, poor-quality solar equipment may cost you much more in repairs. 

It’s advisable to scrutinize the kind of solar equipment the company offers when sourcing for a reliable company.

Get a Solar Company in Indianapolis Today 

The use of solar energy continues to grow in the United States. As more people consider this option, it will take reliable solar energy companies in Indiana to meet the growing demand. 

Are you in Indy and wonder how easy it can be to get a pro-solar company? Getting a top-quality solar company in Indianapolis is now easier. All you need to do is pay attention to these five tips, and you’ll be good to go. 

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