6 Practical Gifts for New Parents

New Parents

Being a new parent is rewarding, but also stressful as you worry about every little thing related to your new baby. Are you doing enough for them? Are they eating enough? Are they drooling too much or too little? And more.

If you have had a baby recently or if your friend has, there are many practical gifts for new parents that will be sure to turn heads. You don’t want to buy baby gifts that get thrown into the bottom of the closet and never used!

Read on to see 6 gifts for new parents that will get used for years to come, not only for this little one but for all the babies to come.

1. A Baby Sponge Made of Silicone and Soft as Butter

The horror of discovering black mold within or on your baby’s bath toys is incomparable. Get a soft silicone bath scrubber so your baby can stay safe while playing and getting clean in the bath.

2. A Cover for Your Baby Carrier and Stroller for Travelling Days

For those days when you are traveling through the country or abroad, get this stroller car seat storage bag, so you don’t ever have to worry about what germs are lying await on your baby’s car seat or stroller.

3. A Nose Unplugger – You Heard That Right

Did you know that a baby can’t blow their own noses? Poor little ones. No one likes a clogged up nose and with a nose unplugger, you will be able to help them unstuff their little noses so they can breathe easier and sleep deeper.

4. A Coffee Subscription – Those Sleepless Nights Are Calling

Ah, coffee! What would a new parent do without it? A list of gifts for new parents isn’t complete without a coffee subscription. This way new parents can get the coffee of their choice delivered to them once a month. Bazinga!

5. A Mess-Less Diaper Cream – There’s Enough To Clean Already

Most diaper creams are messy and hard to clean off your fingers. With a mess-less diaper cream that comes in a stick-format, you will never have to worry about that again.

6. A No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

The worst thing for new parents has to be when their new baby gets sick. Rectal thermometers are the most accurate, especially for children below 3 months old.

But it’s hard to use a rectal thermometer on a cranky and feverish child. That’s where this no-touch forehead thermometer comes to the rescue.

Gifts for New Parents – Ease Their Harried Lives

New parents already have a lot to deal with, their plates are full. Thus, gifts for new parents should include something that eases their already packed-to-the-rim days.

Don’t buy something that will take up space in their closet or attics until they donate them one day in the future after the children have moved out.

Baby gifts can be the gift that keeps on giving, but only if you choose right.

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