6 Ways To Modernise Your Kitchen-Diner

Modernise Your Kitchen-Diner

The kitchen-diner is often the hub of the home; a place where families cook all of their scrumptious meals, entertain friends and spend precious time together. However, because it’s such a much-loved space, it’s generally a room that you should prioritise when renovating and modernise your kitchen-diner.

Here are six ways to modernise your kitchen-diner, with an option to suit every budget.

Add contemporary seating options

If you’re working with a modest modernisation budget, you should focus your efforts on making simple and subtle improvements that will immediately give your kitchen-diner a facelift. One great way of doing this is by adding modern seating elements such as bar stools, which are an incredibly contemporary form of seating that will look great anywhere in the space.

As you can see from looking at this range of bar stools from vidaXL.co.uk, it’s easy to find a style of bar stool for you. Industrial-style bar stools are incredibly trendy at the moment, while wooden bar stools can add warmth. No matter which option you choose, contemporary seating options will really liven up and modernise your kitchen-diner. They’re cheap and comfortable too, so it’s a win-win.

Create cool contrasts with accessories

Contemporary styles often include lots of monochrome features like white walls and metal finishes. If you’re not careful, sometimes these can look a little cold and uninviting; particularly if the rest of your house isn’t quite as modern as your kitchen. As a result, it’s worth considering ways that you can add some warmth to your space.

Accessorising with contrasting colours is a cheap and easy way to do this. So, think of where you can create touchpoints that add a little nod to history and tradition. Patterned rugs can create a lovely focal point, while wooden ornaments on kitchen units can showcase your personality. If you’re considering further seating options, add a bench at your dining table and top it with cushions that pop with vibrant colours.

Build a practical island unit

If you’re looking to create a practical, yet beautiful, kitchen-diner, then adding an island unit is essential. Not only can it help you segregate the total area into zones, but it will also provide you with an additional work surface that blends the room’s different elements.

Island units are particularly perfect for anyone who loves to host or families who love to be together. This is because the cook can either join in the dinner party conversation or help with homework that’s being completed at the dining table. As an added bonus, you’ll find that bar stools will slide right underneath.

Give thought to flooring 

A new floor can really bring a space to life. If you have an old, dark wooden floor then it’s likely that your flooring is dating the room. So, if you have the money, then consider lifting the floor up and laying something newer and more modern down instead – like a slate floor or a luxury vinyl tile in a stone or wood effect.

Of course, the flooring option you choose will likely depend on your budget. But regardless of whether you choose wood, vinyl or tiles for your kitchen-diner, make sure you choose a light colour. This will make the space far more modern and it will also make it look bigger.

Introduce as much natural light as possible

Dark rooms will always feel more old fashioned and a bit drab. So, to add a sense of modernity and openness to your kitchen-diner, consider ways that you can add natural light.

However, if you’re looking to create an ultra-modern effect, then consider adding French, sliding or bi-fold doors. This way, not only will you flood your room with light, but you’ll also get easy access to your garden, which will make your outside space feel like a natural extension of your kitchen-diner – perfect for entertaining!

If you can’t afford a major renovation, then a bank of roof lights or lanterns above your dining table will do the trick. Alternatively, if your budget is low but you like the idea of adding light and connecting to the outside world, then follow these tips for bringing the outside in.

Make the space open plan

If you’ve got the budget to make a large-scale renovation and improvement to your kitchen-diner, then think about making it open plan by using space from adjoining rooms. Knocking out walls is a costly move, but it’s one that can completely revolutionise your life and change the way that the room is used.

After all, knocking out walls can leave you with a really impressive space where you, the kids and anyone else you’re entertaining can relax and enjoy time together without feeling like you’re tripping over each other. Plus, a new space like this doesn’t have to cost you the earth, and even wholesale changes involving three rooms can cost as little as £15,000.

Whether you’re looking to spend a few hundred pounds or you’re happy to spend several thousand, there is something for you. No matter what your budget or your space, it’s easy to create a light, Modernise Your Kitchen-Diner that you’ll love to host, cook and eat in.


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